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The only one among North America’s four major league sports to operate with a salary cap, supposedly the only way to win the World Series is to spend, spend and then spend some more but evidently, the Kansas City Royals didn’t get that memo. Going to the World Series in 2014 and again in 2015, the small market Royals proved that you can come from the U.S. Midwest and run with the big boys, finally bringing a World Series to the American League Central for the first time since the Chicago White Sox downed the Houston Astros in 2005. [+]

The American League Central is too often a story of wait until next year, of close but no cigar. The Detroit Tigers played in the 2006 and 2012 World Series, but haven’t won a Fall Classic since 1984. The Minnesota Twins last won the World Series in 1991 and shed a tear for the Cleveland Indians, who haven’t been World Series champions since 1948.



Best American League Central Sportsbook Odds

Have a lookg at the below sportsbook odds to ensure you’re making the right wagers. It will help with future bets, too. We recommend coming back a few times a week. 

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What Are The American League Central Standings Today

Here you will find located the American League Central Division standings and they are always subject to change, so paying regular attention to the goings on here is essential. [+]

Since its inception in 1994, every one of the five American League Central teams has won at least one division title and the American League Central is the only major league baseball division in which each team owns multiple World Series victories.

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A Deeper Look Into American League Central

Each of the American League Central teams has taken its turn dominating the division. In the early years, it was owned by the Cleveland Indians, winners of six of the first seven titles. In the early 2000s, the Minnesota Twins came to the fore, winning six titles from 2001-10, and then the Detroit Tigers roared, capturing four straight divsional crowns from 2011-14. Interestingly, the teams with the fewest AL Central titles are the two teams from the division to win the World Series since it was formed, the Chicago White Sox (2005) and the Kansas City Royals (2015).

How To Make Money Betting On American League Central

If pitching is your fancy, then the American League Central is the division for you. Seven of the last 10 American League Cy Young Award winners pitched for teams in the AL Central, and with top hurlers like Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers, Corey Klubler of the Cleveland Indians and Chris Sale of the Chicago White Sox working their magic on the hill, who’s to say there won’t be more in the near future?

The World Series champion Kansas City Royals fashioned their success around their sensational shutdown bullpen that completely handcuffed hitters and shortened the vast majority of Royals games into seven-inning affairs. 

Most American League Central ballparks are spacious and tend to be pitcher friendly and that’s something to remember when wagering on AL Central games.

So what does all this mean to you, the bettor? Only that the AL Central is as unpredicatable as it is parity driven and that means there’s always good wagering to be had, especially for the those willing to take the time to observe and study this division’s emerging trends.