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The Kansas City Royals are the current World Series champions, having reigned supreme in 2015, beating all challengers. But there is far more to this amazing baseball team. Originated in 1969, the Kansas City Royals are based in Kansas City in Missouri and are part of the American League’s Central Division. They have been based at the Kauffman Stadium for all their home games since the 1973 season and have won two World Series titles, first in 1985, then thirty years later in the most recent season of Major League Baseball, in 2015. [+]

With their name coming from the name of a livestock show held locally since 1899, the ‘American Royal’, the Kansas City Royals entered the American League as an expansion in 1969 and have taken part ever since. Their earliest success was in a period of dominance between 1976 and 1985, during which time they won six West Division titles and a World Series in the last year of that sequence. Their stars during this time included such names as Amos Otis, Hal McRase, Frank White and Willie Wilson.

Winning the West Division in 1985, they were led by Bret Saberhagen’s best ever season in MLB, which won him the Cy Young award. Coming back from 2-0 and 3-1 down in the playoffs, they then managed to overcome the Toronto Blue Jays 4-3 to win the American League Championship Series. That put them into the World Series itself, where they took on their cross-state rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals in what became known as ‘The I70 Series’ due to the driving route that connects both teams’ locations. Again, the Kansas City Royals went behind in the Series, but in Game 6 they managed to rally from being 1-0 down in the 9th inning and came back to win in fine style!

Despite not winning the World Series for three decades, the Kansas City Royals did not fade away. For the next eight seasons, they were a consistently winning team, but could not reach another Series final. Indeed, their drought in terms of postseason participation despite solid regular season form is staggering with 28 years a drought few can match. They managed to end the hoodoo in 2014 when the Kansas City Royals advanced to the World Series thanks to a wild card berth. Facing the San Francisco Giants, the Kansas City Royals lost in Game 7 despite several good winning performances across the series.

Last season, they vowed to make it one stage further and win the World Series! After repeating their wild card earning heroics of 2014, they came back from yet another losing position to beat the Houston Astros in the ALDS, losing 2-1 in the series and down 6-2 in the 8th innings of Game 4, somehow they constructed a 9-6 victory and won the clincher. Beating a resurgent and formidable Toronto Blue Jays side in the ALCS set up a World Series return where this time the Kansas City Royals would face the New York Mets. There was no mistake this time, a thumping 4-1 series win giving the Kansas City Royals their first World Series win since 1985. With some of the brightest stars in the modern game, who is to say they won’t be taking part in their third consecutive World Series final this postseason?


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Check out the Kansas City Royals next opponents right now in the Central Division as they look to make their third World Series final in a row.

If The Royals can strike the same blend of attacking power and spirit in 2016 as they did last season, they will be tough to stop.


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The Kansas City Royals’ schedule will be a tough one, with teams from across the American League desperate to stop them winning the Central Division. 

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Where do the Kansas City Royals’ sit in the Central Division? Can they retain a playoff spot and make it all the way to the World Series final for the third time in three years? 


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How to Make Money on the Kansas City Royals 

Just as their fans do, we love the Kansas City Royals ability to come back from losing positions, and in-play, they can be one of the most exciting teams to back in the MLB.

It’s worth noting that Kansas perform well as an against-odds team, having won the World Series last year from pre-season betting at a moneyline of +2800!

For 2016, we’d recommend the under 7.5 run market as in 7 of the last 8 games across the 2015 season-end and 2016 season beginning, that’s exactly whats happened.