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Is there a deeper, more competitive division in baseball than the American League East? You start with traditional powers in the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, contenders in any era and always willing to spend whatever it takes to stay on top. Then there’s the new kids on the block, the Tampa Bay Rays, who operate at the opposite end of the budget scale and yet continue to discover and develop players and find a way to stay in the hunt season after season. Two former powers have also recently returned to prominence. [+]

The Baltimore Orioles, American League East champs five times in the 1970s, won the division title in 2014 and last year, the Toronto Blue Jays, World Series champions in 1992-93, awoke from a lengthy slumber to take the division crown and march all the way to the ALCS.

In other words, any team is capable of winning this division and from a wagering standpoint, you have to like those odds.

Best American League East Sportsbook Odds

With so many good teams from top to bottom, you will find that you get attractive odds on Amercan League East games most every day. There are trends you should watch for and key elements in American League East matchups that can swing those odds in your favor.

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What Are The American League East Standings Today

Take a look below at the current American League East standings and make this persual a regular part of your daily regimen. There is no doubting the benefit that awaits. 

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A Deeper Look Into The Amercan League East

From the moment major league baseball went to a divisional format for its two leagues in 1969, the teams of the American League East instantly became dominant forces within the sport. 

The Baltimore Orioles were the first to carry the flag, winning three straight American League Championship Series from 1969-71 and capturing the World Series in 1970. In the second half of the 1970s, the New York Yankees became the AL East power, winning back-to-back World Series titles in 1977-78. 

By the mid-1980s it was the Toronto Blue Jays, an expansion team in 1977, who took over the mantle. The Blue Jays carried on for more than a decade, winning the World Series in 1992 and again in 1993. Then it was the Yankees who again rose to prominence, winning five World Series between 1996-2009. In 2004 and 2007, the Boston Red Sox were World Series champions.

And although they’ve never won the World Series, the Tampa Bay Rays, like the Blue Jays an expansion club, reached the Fall Classic in 2008 and were a playoff team four times between 2008-13.

So when it comes to American League East baseball, you can’t count on quality and you can count on competiveness. And as a wagerer, what more could you want?

How To Make Money Betting On American League East

The standings tell a story in their own way, and the smart bettor understands not only how essential it is to decipher what these numbers tell you but also to look deeper into those numbers to unearth trends and opportunities to capitalize.

Which American League East teams do well at home? Which of the teams in this division are capable of regular success on the road? With so many intra-divisional games on the American League East schedule, it’s important to know which teams fare the best against their division rivals and if there are certain teams that seem to consistently hold an edge over others.

It’s always a challenge for a visiting to come away with success Boston’s quirky Fenway Park, will all the nooks and crannys in its outfield walls and the notorious Green Monster, especially if the opposition should be sending a southpaw starter to the hill.

Likewise, Yankee Stadium’s short porch in right field can prove a dream come true for a left-handed hitter with power. And when the dome is closed at Toronto’s Rogers Centre, it becomes a launching pad for home run hitters.