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Of all 30 teams in Major League Baseball, the Tampa Bay Rays are the newest. Founded in 1998 as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, the team was consistently the worst team in AL East until 2008, the same year that it adopted its current name. 2008 was a surprising turnaround for Tampa as the Rays clinched the top spot in the division and later made it to the World Series. Even in its short history, the Rays have seen several team members receive individual awards of various types, including Rookie of the Year, Managers of the Year, and the Cy Young Award. [+]

As much as 2008 was a game changer for the team, the Tampa Bay Rays did not shine particularly brightly in recent years, earning the fourth seed in AL East during both the 2014 and 15 seasons. Still, it’s a good idea to see the team in action first before jumping to any conclusions about the 2016 season.

Who Do The Tampa Bay Rays Play Next

Since MLB teams play a game almost every day, you can expect there to be action to regularly follow with the Tampa Bay Rays. [+]

Can the Rays produce a powerful gleam in the next game? There’s never a definite answer, but any information about the upcoming opponent and the location of the game can always give you some idea.

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Tampa Bay Rays Game Schedule

MLB is different from most other sports leagues in that games happen just about every single day of the regular season, which gives you plenty of chances to place wagers. [+]

With that in mind, you would want to get an idea of what’s to come next before betting any money as different opponents will lead to different outcomes.

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What Are The Tampa Bay Rays Standings Today

Will the Rays’ season end up like the one in 2008 or like the ones before 2007? To find out, all that you need is a look at the standings table. [+]

Having been accustomed to the AL East’s last place spot during the first ten years of its franchise history, the Rays made a massive turnaround in 2008 when the team clinched the top spot in its division and made it as far as the World Sries. However, the Rays didn’t exactly seem to be heading in the right direction afterwards as the team placed fourth during the 2014 and 2015 seasons. Can Tampa somehow take the upward trajectory again?

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Pitching Like a Skillful Archer

To the Tampa Bay Rays, Chris is not just any ordinary archer. He guards the team’s dominance from the mound, pulling back the string on every pitch to hopefully get an accurate shot into the strike zone. Last season, Archer placed fifth in the MLB for total number of strikeouts with 252 and made his first MLB All-Star Game appearance. Chris’ ability as an archer also made him fifth on the list of American League pitchers when it came to the Cy Young Award voting. As long as he remains in Tampa, the Rays will count on their one and only Archer to make some accurate strikes against opposing batters.