Sportsbooks For MLB Postseason

For decades, the MLB postseason consisted of the World Series and nothing else. Want to particpate in the baseball playoffs? Then you’d better win your league pennant, because from 1903-68, the champions of the American and National League squared off in the Fall Classic and a maximum of seven games later, the baseball playoffs were done for another year. That all changed in 1969 when MLB split both its leagues into East and West Divisions and the divisions winners met for the league pennant, the winner advancing to the World Series. [+]

Purists felt this put a damper on the sport, pointing to 1973, when the 82-79 New York Mets, with the eighth-best record in baseball, came within a victory of capturing the World Series title. But from a wagering standpoint, it made baseball a much more attractive option.


Best MLB Postseason Sportsbook Odds

Have a look below to find out the best game odds for MLB postseason play, and make your sports bets according to the matchups after analysing some key game stats.  [+]

While some old-school baseball types are chagrined that the MLB postseason play has gone from just two participants as recently as 1968 to today’s current 10-team participation, insisting it dilutes the special qualities of the playoffs, the fact of the matter is that this is a wonderful development from a wagering point of view.

With so many playoff games and the variety of match ups, esepcially the all-or-nothing one-game showdown that is the wildcard playoff, the availabiity of action makes it all worthwhile.

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What Are The MLB Postseason Standings Today

Here you will find the up to date MLB postseason standings. Each playoff series is an entity unto itself and much like a Shakespearian tragedy, will take many twists and turns before the two competiting teams arrive at their ultimate outcome. [+]

Like goaltending in hockey, pitching is the X-factor in a baseball playoff series. Lefty-righty match-ups are of paramount significance. Some teams are overloaded with batters from the same side of the plate and can be be neutralized by an overpowering hurler. In today’s game, teams with lights out bullpens are always heavily favored to go far in the playoffs because a ballclub that can in essence shorten the length of games to seven or eight innings by virtue of their unhittable bullpen tend to go a long way when the games matter most.

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A Hero Will Emerge

Somewhere in the midst of the MLB postseason, a hero will emerge and the location and arrival of this heroic deed may not come from the expected sources.

Think Bucky Dent’s home run the the 1978 sudden-death playoff game between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park, or more recently, the three homers clouted by San Francisco Giants outfielder Cody Ross, an August waiver-wire pick up, in the 2010 NLCS against the Philadelphia Phillies.

How To Make Money Betting On MLB Postseason

Knowing a player’s tendencies and who they enjoy success against can open a window to which way to go when it comes to wagering on the MLB postseason. In a short series, it’s not always the best team that wins, but the team that plays the best under those circumstances.