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Outside of the Stanley Cup, no North American team sports competition can boast of the history and tradition that the World Series has written over its more than a century of competition. Originated in 1903, the first Fall Classic pitted Boston and legendary pitcher Cy Young – you might have heard of the award named after him – against Pittsburgh and superstar shortstop Honus Wagner, the man depicted on what is considered the most valuable sports card ever printed. You name a baseball star and they’ve all engineered aWorld Series moment. [+]

Who could forget Babe Ruth’s called shot home run in 1932, the spectacular over-the-shoulder catch by Willie Mays in 1954 and Kirk Gibson’s pinch-hit homer off Dennis Eckersley in 1988?

Recognizing and understanding who are the players in each World Series capable of raising their game and leading their team to glory can go a long way toward successful World Series wagering.

Best MLB World Series Sportsbook Odds

Knowing and understanding match-ups is essential to successful baseball and it’s equally pertinent to successful wagering on baseball. In a short series, certain players will play more significant roles and some of them might not be the guy you’d expect. [+]

But if you’ve done your homework, you won’t be surprised at all by this development. 

It isn’t always the superstar who will emerge as an MLB World Series hero. Don Larson lost 21 games in 1954, but two years later, pitched the only perfect game in World Series history. Donn Clendendon didn’t get an at-bat with the New York Mets during the 1969 NLCS, but due to Baltimore’s depth of left-handed pitching, he played four of five World Series games, clouting three homers and earning the MVP award.


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What Is The MLB World Series Matchup

Understanding the MLB World Series matchup will go a long way toward finding a way to wager well on the Fall Classic. Winning baseball is about pitching, pitching and pitching, both of the starting and the bullpen variety. Nine of the first 10 World Series MVPs were hurlers. [+]

With so much on the line, in many seasons, one pitcher will often emerge and take on a substantially more significant workload. Think Orel Hershiser with the 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers, or Madison Bumgarner with the 2014 San Francisco Giants. 

Do the quirks of a ballpark suit a visiting team’s lineup, such as Fenway Park’s Green Monster, Yankee Stadium’s short right-field porch, or the vastness of centerfield at Detroit’s Comerica Park? Is a team loaded with bats from only one side of the plate? All of these elements can significantly impact the way you will wager on the MLB World Series.

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Favorite World Series Memories

Boston’s Carlton Fisk urging his home run to stay fair as it headed over Fenway Park’s Green Monster in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series. Pittsburgh’s Bill Mazeroski (1960) and Toronto’s Joe Carter (1993) clouting series-ending walkoff homers. 

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Everyone holds dear to their favorite World Series memory. It could be Dodgers pitcher Sandy Koufax dominating the 1965 Series, or Willie Stargell and his Stargell Stars illuminating Pittsburgh’s 1979 triumph over Baltimore. 

How To Make Money Betting On MLB World Series

Whatever Fall Classic moment you cherish and hold dear to your heart, it doesn’t mean that you can’t capitalize on it. Look for key World Series matchups that teams will be able to expoit and make your wager.