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The three teams at the top of the National League Central, Pittsburgh, Chicago and St. Louis make it tough for any other team to claim a wild card spot. All three of these teams will probably win about 100 games. If St. Louis continues their formidable form this division could be a three-way race for the pennant each year. Chicago has it all at their fingertips but a looming curse seems to works its way into the story each year. Pittsburgh was brilliant last year and has all the makings this year to do some serious damage.  [+]

The National League Central is one of the best divisions in baseball. But does the ultra competitive nature of teh division wear on teams during the final third of the season? 

Best National League Central Sportsbook Odds

The best National League Central sportsbook odds can be viewed below, so make sure you stay on top of the betting lines to ensure your wagers get the highest return possible.  [+]

The Chicago Cubs are the team to beat in the division after knocking off St. Louis, before ultimately falling in the NLCS. St. Louis and Pittsburgh will make it interesting but strength of the Cubs’ pitching, thanks to Jake Arrieta, will see the Cubs win the divisional crown in 2016-17.

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What Are The National League Central Standings Today

Check what the National League Central standings are today before you make any wager. Checking with frequency will allow you to be most aware of division activity. [+]

Knowing how the team has been playing in relation to the rest of the competition is your best indicator on whether you want to trust them with your money.


How to Make Money Betting on the National League Central 

Unlike other divisions, the way to make money betting on the National League Central is not by betting within the division. The NL Central, with three outstanding teams that can all make a statement in the Fall, is a tough division to bet one when they play against one another. It has three teams capable of winning 100 games and the other two should win at least 75 games.

Look for these teams to really have an advantage when playing against other divisions. You can almost guarantee the Cubs, Cardinals and Pirates will win the majority of games against other NL teams. 

Chicago Cubs Playoff Highlights

The Chicago Cubs took over a division that was once thought to be a one horse race and have now become the team to beat. Check out the Chicago Cubs playoff highlights presented by the Chicago Cubs.