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Named for their city’s association with the brewing industry, the Milwaukee Brewers started life in 1969 as the Seattle Pilots before relocating to Milwaukee the next year. Initially part of the American League, the Brewers have competed in the National League Central since 1998 and are yet to win a National League Pennant or a World Series title. In 2011, the Brewers defeated the Diamondbacks 3-2 to secure a place in the National League Championship Series (NLCS), but they lost this series 4-2 to the eventual World Series champions, St Louis Cardinals. [+]

Online sportsbetting sites do not seem to fancy the Brewers’ chances of success in 2016. Early indications suggest the Brewers are around +5000 for National League success and and equally long +6600 to end the season with the World Series title under their belts. 


Who Do The Milwaukee Brewers Play Next

Milwaukee Brewers finished with a 68-94 record in 2015, with their home and on the road records both being 34-47, making it a difficult task to predict the Brewers’ results regardless.  [+]

It is worth checking who the Milwaukee Brewers play next and see what their past results again their next opponents are. Also check for injuries to key personel in addition to current form and see if you can make some money betting on the Brewers.

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Milwaukee Brewers Game Schedule

Feast your eyes on the Milwaukee Brewers game schedule and see if you can use the upcoming fixtures to your advantage. Have they a difficult run-in of games? [+]

Or, are they playing teams they are expected to beat?

If it is the former, watch for their results and see if they lose several games in succession because this can often be the trigger for a serious slump in form as the players see the morale sucked out of them. Conversely, if they have won several games in a row, a confident Brewers side could cause a few upsets.

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What Are The Milwaukee Brewers Standings Today

The Brewers finished a disappointing 25th overall in the MLB during 2015 and will be looking to vastly improve. Does it look like another subpar season for Milwaukee? [+]

You can use the Milwaukee Brewers standings, and those of their next opponents, as a guide to how the ball game will progress. They say that the standings never lie so expect where the teams are in the MLB standings to heavily influence the betting odds pre-game.

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Will 2016 See the Brewers Continue Their Improvement?

While the Milwaukee Brewers languished towards the bottom of the overall standings during 2015, many pundits expect them to improve massively this coming season. 

The Brewers are not likely to be challenging for any honors in 2016, but they are getting better all of the time and it surely will not be too long before they are challenging the top three sides in the NL Central division.