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The D-backs are ushering a new era with Zack Greinke whom they acquired during free agency. The acquisition was a message to the roster and fans that they intend to push for the the National League West pennant, a division which is wide open. The Diamondbacks have Paul Goldschmidt, a proven home run hitter and potential game breaker. The acquisition of Greinke also changes complexion of the team. Teams like the Dodgers and Giants are no longer light years ahead and a Cy Young pitcher like Greinke could even the playing field. 

Who Do Arizona Diamondbacks Play Next

Look at who the Arizona Diamondbacks play next and pay close attention to the starters as it’s the most important aspect of the matchup .


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Arizona Diamondbacks Game Schedule

The Arizona Diamondbacks game schedule allows you to look in front on the team’s upcoming matchups and do the required research before the first pitch.

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What Are The Arizona Diamondbacks Standings Today

In a hotly contested division, you are going to want to check out where the Arizona Diamondbacks sit ini the standings to make sure they are still within the playoff hunt. [+]

The standings will show you exactly where Arizona is in relation to the competition and create a reference point to know when the team might be trending upwards or entering into a bit of slump. 

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How to Make Money Betting on the Arizona Diamondbacks

The Diamondbacks have been a disaster in recent years but it appears they are making the right moves to improve their team. Their starting pitching will give them a chance to win a fair few games, which will be crucial in a division where 85-90 wins might be enough to take the pennant. 

Arizona is a well-rounded team that isn’t being talked about much in the media, which can mean good thing for sports bettor as returns will be higher from the onset. Count on Zack Greinke to maintain his Cy Young form in Arizona, thereby creating a new culture in the desert. 

Arizona Diamondbacks Highlights

The Diamondbacks weren’t packed with wins recently but they have showed off exactly why their is so much promise in Arizona. Check out the Arizona Diamondbacks 2015 Highlights presented by MLBPlays17.