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The Rockies have an intriguing bunch of young players like Carlos Gonzalez and veterans like Jose Reyes, but it is increasingly unlikely that they will make it out of the division. The Rockies have watched the Dodgers and Giants share division titles over the past six years and have been on the periphery since their pennant in 2007. The Rockies are not the team to bet on to win the World Series as a dark horse but you can hit the over on the final score in their home games due to the altitude difference. [+]

The emergence of Trevor Story has also made some believe that the turnaround in Colorado might be coming a little sooner than anticipated. 

Who Do The Colorado Rockies Play Next

Check out who the Colorado Rockies play next and look at how both teams have performed either at home or on the road. [+]

If the team that is coming to town tends to hit the ball out of the park it might be smart to take the over in a ball park where the air is little bit thinner. 

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Colorado Rockies Game Schedule

The Colorado Rockies game schedule is where you can pick out matchups well in advance and do enough research to confidently place a wager.

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Colorado Rockies Standings Today

The Colorado Rockies standings today will help you eye out the matchup and decide from looking at the big picture. If the  Rockies are outclassed by their opponent and slumping, lay off. [+]

Look into all aspects of the teams play but also take into account if either team has moved up or down since you last checked. 

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How to Make Money Betting on the Colorado Rockies

The Colorado Rockies won’t be filled with many surprises but if you want an MVP candidate that will pay out this season it would be Carlos Gonzalez. Aside from Car-Go they Rockies are a team that is great to bet on when they are at Coors Field. Account for big ball games with a lot of runs being scored in the middle of the summer. The Rockies don’t have to be doing the hitting so even if the Rockies aren’t playing well, you should always check out their home games. 

The Rockies will likely be at the bottom of the division but by noticing their trends you can really make some money of the games that are a mile high without much of an afterthought. 

Carlos Gonzalez 2015 Highlights

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