The Dodgers are a great regular season team but don’t let their season form fool you into placing any future bets on them. The Dodgers are undergoing serious changes and with an aging roster it doesn’t appear that they content this season. The Dodgers will always be imposing due to the dominant presence of Clayton Kershaw on the mound. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to win a seven-game series. Look for the Dodgers to be a highly competitive regular season team but nothing more.

Who Do The Los Angeles Dodgers Play Next

Who the Los Angeles Dodgers play next is going to decide if you need to bet on the Dodgers over the next few days. Stay focused on the beginning of new series. [+]

Look into how each team has been playing and find out if they have been playing well on the road or at home. While a series is played in baseball it may also be unsafe to continually bet against a team being swept. 

Los Angeles Dodgers Game Schedule

Look to the Los Angeles Dodgers game schedule to get an advanced look at what the team will be going through over the next few weeks. 

Los Angeles Dodgers Standings Today

Looking at where the Dodgers sit in the standings is the best way to analyze the competition. Pay close attention to teams near the Dodgers in the standings and bet with that in mind. 

How to Make Money Betting on the Los Angeles Dodgers

If you want to decide how to make money betting on the Los Angeles Dodgers just figure out what the best chance is during the regular season at winning games — that is most likely whenever Clayton Kershaw is on the mound. The Los Angeles Dodgers have lost Zack Greinke and have an aging roster outside of Yasiel Puig. Check out how the Dodgers play at home and on the road and figure out the trends to their play which will allow you greater chances to pick their wins and losses. 

The Dodgers will likely be in their fair share of pitchers duels whenever Kershaw is on the mound which will also tell you you can take the under when he faces off against another great arm. Don’t expect the Dodgers to win a world championship barring major moves on their end as they have shown in recent years that they can’t contend with younger rosters. 

Los Angeles Dodgers 2015 Highlights 

The Los Angeles Dodgers have an exciting team that was full of unreal moments and accomplishments in 2015. Check out the Los Angeles Dodgers Highlights from 2015 presented by MLB Highlights 2015.