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The Padres have had a rough go of it recently and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. San Diego has spent the past few seasons shopping contracts standing in the way of a necessary rebuild. Melvin Upton Jr and Matt Kemp are two of the recognizable names on the roster. There is a significant drop off in playing ability thereafter, which is pretty hard to believe given Kemp and Upton’s recent poor form. 

Who Do San Diego Padres Play Next

Check out who the San Diego Padres play next and look at how both teams have been performing heading into the matchup. [+]

The more research the better so make sure you know the strengths of each team and check out trends that might be developing in their performances.

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San Diego Padres Game Schedule

The San Diego Padres game schedule is a great way to get the overview on their season and bet on matchups in advance.


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What Are The San Diego Padres Standings Today

Checking the standings consistently will allow you to notice movement within the division, both good and bad. Unfortunately for the Padres, there is little hope of climbing the ladder. 

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How to Make Money Betting on the San Diego Padres

The San Diego Padres are an easy team to make money but not necessarily by betting on them. Knowing the Padres patterns and ways in which they are losing games will allow you to pick up on series wins for others teams or catch an unlikely upset. The Padres are not a good team but they will win around 70 games and some of those will come with some great betting returns. 

San Diego Padres Highlights

While 2015 wasn’t a great year to be the San Diego Padres, it did come with some bright spots. Check out the San Diego Padres 2015 Highlights presented by MLBPlays17.