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The San Francisco Giants have won three World Series, but have also been faulted for playing inconsistent ball at times. Unfortunately for the Giants, the rest of the league is betting better and San Francisco has suffered key personnel loses. The Giants are a bit of a wait-and-see team. Madison Bumgarner and Buster Posey can only do so much before other role players are forced to pick up the slack. The Giants have retained the core players from previous championship runs but, overall, aren’t the most impressive on paper. [+]

They are capable of pulling off upsets but more than likely will have another pedestrian season, especially if Bumgarner and Posey are the only players to consistently show up. 

Who Do The San Francisco Giants Play Next

When you check out who the San Francisco Giants play next, look at how their starting pitching is matching up against the opposition. It’s a key factor in planning your betting strategy. 


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San Francisco Giants Game Schedule

The San Francisco Giants schedule will allow you to pick out favorable series in advance. Do enough research to make the best decision. It will significantly grow your betting returns. 


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San Francisco Giants Standings Today

Check out the San Francisco Giants standings and get a better idea of where they stand in relation to their competition. The San Francisco Giants are most likely going to be in a tight race out West so it will be important keep an eye on the standings.

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How to Make Money Betting on the San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants are not the consummate favorite to be in the World Series so temper those expectations. Track the performance of the Giants. They have been a Jekyll & Hyde team for the past six years, barely making the playoffs in one of the World Series winning years. 

The Giants roster boasts a former MVP in Buster Posey and a former World Series MVP in Madison Bumgarner. These are two players that take an average team and could turn them into a contender. This scenario, however, is unlikely to pan out as the Giants aren’t well rounded enough to challenge consistently at the top. 

2014 San Francisco Giants Highlights

The San Francisco have been on a tear in even years and if you have forgotten, take a look at their 2014 season highlights presented by StupidSexyFlanders.