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The Miami Marlins have been part of Major League Baseball a comparatively short time, since 1993 when they were known as the Florida Marlins. They’ve been known as Miami Marlins, as well as The Fish, the Fighting Fish or the Miracle Marlins since 2011. Having started out ground-sharing with the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League, they moved to Marlins Park in the 2012 and have remained there ever since. Despite only being part of the MLB for 23 years, they have won the much coveted World Series on two occasions. [+]

Their first World Series came in 1997 and then again in 2003. They’ve never won the East Division, making them a true knockout baseball side, winning with both of their wild card berths to date. But there is much more to the Marlins than their World Series successes. 

When the CEO of Blockbuster Entertainment paid a whopping $95 million to gain the franchise in 1993, Miami’s finest baseball team were born. The Marlins were struck by tragedy as Carl Barger, their first president, died prior to their opening season. As a mark of respect for Barger, The Marlins retired the number 5 shirt due to love for the famous Joe DiMaggio. The Marlins did, however, open the ‘5’ shirt back up for use in the 2012 season.

The Marlins don’t have a great attendance record, with one of the lowest followings in terms of sheer numbers in the East Division. Even a move to their new stadium in 2012 only acted as a temporary way of obtaining average-attendance status, and they have since dropped once again.

They defeated the American League champions Cleveland Indians in 1997 when shortstop Edgar Renteria drove in second batsman Craig Counsell for the series-clinching run in the 11th inning of the seventh and deciding game.

In 2003, The Marlins won the World Series from an even more unlikely position. After 38 games, their manager, Jeff Torborg, was fired with immediate effect. Taking his place was the 72-year-old Jack McKeon, who had been out of a job for two years. He was, however, a ‘resurrection specialist’, and so it proved as he guided The Marlins to an amazing 75-49 record and the National League divisional playoff, where his Marlins side conquered the San Francisco Giants before progressing to the championship series, where they beat the Chicago Cubs.  All that stood in the way of McKeon was the New York Yankees. His side won the World Series 4-2 to send The Marlins’ fans into ecstasy. 

Since retiring two years later in 2005, McKeon came back once more in 2011 to resurrect The Marlins season for one final season, retiring aged 80 with a record of 1,051-990. He was the second-oldest manager in history behind Connie Mack.

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The Miami Marlins had a tough 2015, but in Giancarlo Stanton, they had a hitter with a heart the size of Florida itself and the power of a jackhammer.

Can Don Mattingley take The Marlins up the table? One thing is for sure, they only know how to attack, so free-scoring games are likely. We’d advocate backing The Marlins to score highly, especially in early games in the series and at home in Florida.

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