Sportsbooks That Take Paypal

Sportsbooks That Take Paypal
  • Faster than a check
  • Simple record-keeping
  • Competitive pricing

PayPal has historically avoided getting into the online sportsbook betting industry – directly. That said, their services are easily used as a bankroll building payment option at all of our Top 25 online wagering websites. Simply use your PayPal account to buy online gift cards, or purchase a money wire. From there, transfer the funds to your betting account to receive betting cash in seconds.

Paypal Friendly Sportsbooks

Starting in 1999, PayPal spearheaded the internet-based payment service. It became the preferred payment method for millions of people when eBay acquired it in 2002. With PayPal, you can deposit and withdraw with immediacy. And by keeping your balance seperated, you can monitor more closely your funds. PayPal is quite selective in which sportsbooks they offer their services to. It’s a strong sign of trust and if the sportsbook uses PayPal you can be assured of its reliability and strong stance in the industry.