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MLB World Series 2010

As the MLB playoff races start to heat up, it’s time we prepare ourselves for the 2010 MLB World Series. Get your hats, jerseys and men’s athletic cups ready, it’s time to go balls deep into this 2010 World Series preview!

When we talk about the World Series, many questions are raised; will the NY Yankees repeat, who will have the bleeding sock this year, and will I be able to pronounce the name of this year’s World Series MVP?

Those questions and more will be answered over the next few weeks.

As with pretty much every year, the NY Yankees are always in contention to win the World Series, but this year we have three unlikely candidates vying for the 2010 World Series title as well.

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Atlanta Braves and the Cincinnati Reds are being predicted to go far in the 2010 MLB playoffs based on current MLB standings.

Below you will find the current rankings of the top 4 teams to win the 2010 World Series ranked in order from most likely to least likely.

NY Yankees

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Atlanta Braves

Cincinnati Reds

The Yankees lead the way with the most wins going down the stretch, but the Devil Rays are right behind them and the Devil Rays schedule is far more favorable than that of the Yankees.

Over the next few weeks a couple of the above teams will be shaken out, leaving only two to fight it out over the 2010 World Series title. I can hardly wait!

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