Major League Baseball. It's right there with mom and apple pie and who doesn't like each of them? You go to the ballpark, buy yourself some peanuts and Cracker Jack, maybe sip on a cold one, sit back and enjoy the game. They call ballplayers the boys of summer and baseball is the perfect game for a warm summer's day. You won't find the punishment of the gridiron, the intensity of the ice rink or the pace of the hardwood. No, baseball is played at a pace that gives the fan time to analyze each situation and try to rationalize what moves will be made next. [+]

It's a giant chess game that plays out on diamonds of grass and dirt. With so much to contemplate, why not add to the intrigue by wagering on a Major League Baseball game? 

Best MLB Sportsbook Odds

Reference the MLS game odds below to ensure you're making the best possible wagers. Don't forget the odds fluctuate slightly so jump on the best price before it's too late. [+]

Baseball is often referred to as the game of everyone, and that's appropriate, because on the baseball diamond, there is a place for everyone in the game. While attending a Major League Baseball game or watching it on television, it's easy to find someone at the ballpark that you can identify with. Perhaps it's an overpowering flame thrower on the pitcher's mound who catches your eye, or a crafty junk ball tosser who outthinks the hitters.

It could be the bulky all-or-nothing power slugger who swings for the fences or swings and misses, or the reliable singles hitter who can knock base hits in his sleep. It might be the slick infielder sucking up balls like a vacuum cleaner or the lithe center fielder running down fly balls with the speed and grace of a gazelle. Whatever the case, while admiring the work of the big league ballplayers in the show, why not get a little action of your own going via a wager on a Major League Baseball game?

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What Are The MLB Standings Today

Below you will find the Major League Baseball standings. They offer a wealth of information to those considering wagers on MLB games. You can use it for numerous reasons.  [+]

It's important to know your pitching rotations so that it's easy to decipher potentially rewarding scenarios like one team's ace going up against another team's fifth starter. Also watch for teams forced to make up rainouts with doubleheaders, because that wear and tear on a pitching staff could make them susceptible to an upset at the hands of their next opponent. Likewise, it's essential to be aware of the all-important lefty-righty match-ups. Recognize which teams struggle against southpaw pitching and which teams possess a batting order loaded with lefty hitters, ready to give a right-handed starter fits.


How To Make Money Betting On MLB

In the past decade, much has changed in terms of both the division races and the pursuit of playoff positions within big league baseball. The new three-division format, along with the two wildcard positions up for grabs in both the American and National Leagues, has resulted in vastly more intense races for post-season spots and that's ramped up the intensity of September baseball, a good thing for the baseball bettor, because there's nothing worse from a wagering standpoint than meaningless games down the stretch populated by September call ups.

Likewise, the advent of inter-league play has enabled new rivalries to develop within the game, as crosstown showdowns between the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the New York Yankees and New York Mets are now annual affairs on the baseball calendar. It's all served to add more intrigue to the game and from the standpoint of the baseball bettor, that's a good thing.

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