US Sportsbook Bonuses

Like you, we here at aren’t strangers to fattening our starting bankroll with some additional bonus cash. And that’s why we’re so dedicated to compiling, in unmatched detail, what we consider to be the very best US sportsbook bonuses available online today. A quick glance below will yield what is probably the most complete list of bonuses currently on offer, for US bettors, looking to get more bang for their hard-earned bucks. [+]

How do we determine which sportsbook bonuses are the best? It starts by triaging the cream of the crop from otherwise shady, less reliable betting sites. As a rule of thumb you will find that the US sportsbooks which appear in the top 10 slots below, are by far the most reliable and trustworthy.

While we don’t recommend testing us on this, you’ll notice that the sportsbook bonuses further below on this table appear to get bigger and more “generous”. Don’t be fooled by offers that seem too good to be true – in our experience, they ALWAYS are. Before you decide to navigate the waters, be sure to read our detailed sportsbook reviews.

Sportsbook Bonus Offers for USA

From the USA and looking for your best options in terms of sportsbook sign up bonuses? We’ve dutifully compiled a list of sportsbook bonus offers for USA based bettors, organized from most valuable, to those which aren’t really worth the hassle. Enjoy and please share with your friends.

*** Offers subject to Terms & Conditions. Consult our bonus reviews for more details. ***

Rollover requirements: A true measure of sportsbook bonus value…

An often overlooked subject, the sometimes ambiguous subject of “rollover requirements” is actually the best measure of a sportsbook bonus’ true value. Free money is only as good as the terms and conditions attached to it, thus the expression “too good to be true”. Will you ever realistically have a chance at cashing in those bonus bucks? Have the rollover requirements been designed to be unattainable? The answers to these questions not only tell you whether a bonus offer is worth your time, they also tell you whether a sports betting site is playing fair, and deserves your business or not.

3 tips to maximise sign up bonus value

1- Know the rollover requirements. Once you’ve found a betting site you’re interested in opening an account with, consult our bonus review for them and see if the rollover requirements they’re tacking onto that offer are reasonable or not. Are the rollover requirements applicable to both your initial deposit amount AND the bonus, or just the deposit, or just the bonus? 

2- Know the max bonus / deposit amounts. Another key element to help you determine the actual value of any betting site’s bonus offer are the maximum deposit amounts, and maximum bonus amounts. If a book is offering a 100% bonus, up to $500, and their maximum deposit amount is $1000, you only need to deposit $500 to extract the maximum value out of that bonus. Depositing $1000 actually dilutes the value of yourbonus by half, and renders your whole initial deposit amount vulnerable to the rollovr requirements associated with the bonus offer. As a rule of thumb, assuming you can afford it, never deposit more or less than what you need to claim the maximum bonus amount offered, in order to maximise the value of the bonus you’re interested in.

3- Double check the Terms & Conditions. Once you’re sufficiently confident in the homework you’ve done on the bonus being offered by the sportsbook or betting site you’re eyeing, click-through to the betting site via one of our review or bonus pages, and double check the terms & conditions on their site! We do our utmost to keep things as up to date as humanly possible on our side, but it’s always advisable to double check at the actual source. Respectable sportsbooks make this kind of information easy to find, and easy to understand. Furthermore, they very rarely change their offers.