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The more things change, the more they seem to stay the same for the Cleveland Browns. After another disappointing season, finishing the 2015 NFL campaign with a 3-13 mark, their worst season since 1999, when the reinvented Browns went 2-14, the Browns opted to clean house. Head coach Mike Pettine was fired after two seasons and a 10-22 record, although you must remember that the team started 6-3 under him in 2014 before tanking and never recovering. General manager Ray Farmer was also cut loose by the Browns. [+]

Mercurial and troubled quarterback Johnny Manziel, the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner and Cleveland’s 2014 top draft pick, was also let go.

The Cleveland Browns didn’t even leave the state of Ohio in their search for a new head coach, handing the reins of the team to Hue Jackson, previously the offensive co-ordinator of their cross-state rivals the Cincinnati Bengals. 

Jackson is considered one of the NFL’s top offensive minds. In a previous NFL head coaching opportunity, he was 8-8 as the boss of the Oakland Raiders in 2011.

The Browns opted to fill the vacant GM’s chair from within, announcing that Sashi Brown, the team’s general counsel, would also be Cleveland’s vice-president of football operations and in essence the de facto GM of the team.

The Browns no longer reign as Cleveland’s last championship team. When the Cleveland Cavaliers captured the 2015-16 NBA title, it meant that the 1964 NFL championship won by the Browns no longer rates as the city’s more recent win.

The victory by the Cavs also encouraged Cleveland ad firm Brokaw Inc., citing it as a new day in the city, to retire the sad Browns quarterback jersey that had been displayed in the firm’s front window since the rebirth of the Browns in 1999. It went 24 deep in names of those who’d failed as the QB in Cleveland, from Tim Couch through Johnny Manziel.

Who Does Cleveland Browns Play Next

The first step to formulate a solid betting strategy is to make sure you know everything about the Browns next encounter, especially the game odds, both of which can be seen below. 

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Cleveland Browns Game Schedule

The Cleveland Browns schedule for the 2016 NFL season is available in the widget below and on the surface, the slate of games would appear to offer a glimmer of hope. [+]

Other than their home-and-home sets with AFC North Division rivals the Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers, the Browns face just two other games against 2015 NFL playoff teams and they are back to back – a Week Four game at Washington against the Redskins and a Week Five home date against the New England Patriots.

Seven of Cleveland’s 16 games are slated against teams that lost at least 10 games during the 2015 NFL regular season. 

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Cleveland Browns Standings Today

All the information you will require regarding the standings of the Cleveland Browns in both the AFC North and the overall conference picture is available right below for your perusal.


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How To Make Money Betting On Cleveland Browns

The 3-13 mark posted by the Browns in 2015 marked the 13th time in the 17 seasons since the team was reborn in 1999 that the Browns have hit double digits in losses.

Originally born in 1946, the Browns went through their entire AAFC and NFL existence without suffering double digits in losses. Cleveland didn’t deal with a 10-loss season until moving into the AFC following the 1970 AFL-NFL merger, going 4-10 in the AFC Central in 1974.

Between 1946-95, the original Cleveland Browns endured just seven seasons of 10 or more losses.

Considering their recent history, you might logically assume that the best method for making money betting on the Cleveland Browns would be to simply place a wager on Cleveland’s opponent each week but surprisingly, the Browns aren’t as dismal as they look at first glance.

Against the spread the 3-13 Browns weren’t a great bet in 2015, but at 6-10 they were better than they showed on the scoreboard. That broke down to a consistentlt mediocre 3-5 at home and 3-5 away from Cleveland. The Browns were also a much better call on grass (5-6) than on turf (1-4).

But it was in over/under wagering where the Browns were a shining light. Going 8-8, they were the best over/under team in the AFC North in 2015 and only six AFC teams posted better marks than Cleveland.

Trying to find a reason to get excited about the Cleveland Browns heading into the 2016 NFL regular season is an exercise in futility. In 2015, the Brown were 26th in the NFL in total offense (331.94 yards per game) and 28th overall in total defense (379.19).

They were 30th in average points for per game (17.38) and 29th in average points allowed per game (27.0). The Browns were 22nd in offensive rushing yards (95.56) and 30 in defensive rushing yards (128.44).

Perhaps that glimmer of hope comes from the passing side of the ledger. Cleveland’s 236.38 average passing yards per game was 18th in the NFL and the defense was 22nd in passing yardage allowed at 250.75.

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