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For the first time since 2012, the Minnesota Vikings wrestled away the NFC North crown from the Green Bay Packers. Led by a resurgent Teddy Bridgewater, All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson and Pro Bowl kick returner Cordarrelle Patterson, the Vikings were the ultimate opportunists of the division. After Green Bay wide receiver Jordy Nelson went down with an injury in the 2015 preseason, the Packers narrowly finished behind the Vikings with a mark of 10-6. [+]

Packers star running back Eddie Lacy who had sporadic bouts with injuries and fumbles. If both are up to speed this year, Minnesoate will have to do all it can to take home the title for a second consecutive year. 

Though the Vikings finished with the best record in the division, it was actually the savvy Packers who advanced further in the playoffs after knocking off the Washington Redskins in the Wild Card round.

Minnesota fell to the Seattle Seahawks in heartbreaking and freezing conditions by a missed field goal from normally-reliable field goal kicker Blair Walsh in the first round of the postseason. The game that would crown the winner of the division fell on the last contest of the season and saw the Vikings wind up on top with a 20-13 victory over their hated rivals. It will be another duel of the old rivals this season to determine who will be the next division champion. 

Behind the Vikings and Packers, Detroit and Chicago finished at 7-9 and 6-10, respectively in 2015. The Lions had a major offseason blow as franchise staple wide receiver Calvin Johnson decided to hang up his cleats. The Bears return a similar cast of characters this season, but will rely on some younger players to push them over the edge and challenge for a Wild Card spot. 

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How To Make Money Betting On NFC North

Green Bay, if can stay healthy as a unit, which is easier said than done, are the clear favorites to make another run at the division crown.

Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is expected to develop further this season, eventually touted to be an elite quarterback. Beyond that, the Bears will have a sligtly better unit than the Lions following the loss of Megatron, but don’t expect too much from either side.

On the flip side, the Vikings defense could again establish itself as the top unit after allowing only 302 points last year, the least of any NFC North team. This was 21 points less than what the Packers dished out over the course of the 2015 season.

Green Bay will have to improve their mediocre mark of 3-3 against divisional opponents from the 2015 season to vie for the division crown. Akin to their marks as an overall offensive unit, the drop-off from the top two teams to the bottom two teams is significant. The Bears allowed the third most points (397), while Detroit was even worse, allowing 400 points for an average of 25 points per game. 

While there is an outside chance of the Lions and Bears making some noise this year, expect the Packers and Vikings to be dueling for the title from wire to wire this season. 

Prior to making your wagers, make sure to check out the table below to find the best fit and range for your bet. 

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