Few teams in NFL history have enjoyed success as quickly as the Carolina Panthers. After posting a decent 7-9 mark as a first-year expansion team in 1995, the Panthers junmped to 12-4 in 1996, winning their division and reaching the NFC Championship Game. By 2003, the Panthers were playing in Super Bowl XXXVIII, losing to the New England Patriots and the Panthers advanced as far as the conference championship game or the Super Bowl in each of their first three postseason appearances.  

Who Does Carolina Panthers Play Next

Below you’ll see which team the Panthers will be matched up against next. You’ll also find all the intel you need to make a proper bet, including, spreads, moneylines, overs and unders. [+]

Do yourself a favor and ensure you’re visiting this page a few times up until you make your bet. Even after you submit your wager, it’s a good a idea to keep coming back, just to make sure you’re initial bet hasn’t been jeopardized in any way.

Remember, since NFL game lines are published a few days in advance, they are more open to changing. And they do change. Frequently. And for a variety of reasons.

Let’s say that on Tuesday the Panthers are eight point favorites against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a game on Sunday. But by Thursday, it’s been announced that Cam Newton won’t be playing because of a sore shoulder. 

The line will move in the Bucs’ favor to reflect this. By looking at this page, you’ll either be aware of these changes before you place your bet, in which case you can adjust your approach accordingly, or you’ll find out after the fact, at which point you can at least decide whether to lay down another gamble elsewhere to make up for your probable losses.

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Carolina Panthers Game Schedule

Those who like to plan some of their approaches ahead will find this look particularly useful. By studying the past scores, you can discover patterns that will allow you to strengthen the quality of all future bets. [+]

Previous outcomes tell you which teams the Panthers struggle or thrive against. They tell you whether the Panthers are covering spreads at home or on the road. They show you if the Panthers are hitting the overs more than the unders this season. They reveal how the Panthers perform against polished offenses and fortified defenses.

After reviewing how Carolina fares in all those circumstances, you are able to slot your findings against upcoming opponents. See which type of team they are (offensive specialist or defensive dynamo) and where is the game being played (in Carolina or on the road), and you’ll be able to tell right away which bet you should be making.

This is all happening before the official odds are made public knowledge, but that’s fine. You’ll have such a good hold on every situation, you’ll immediately know how to bet once the games lines are released.

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Carolina Panthers Standings Today

Here is where the Carolina Panthers sit in the standings, Any bettors who are planning on dabbling in midseason futures should use this as a lifeline. [+]

Those types of bets are all about the Panthers’ record relative to everyone else’s.

If Carolina has enough wins to put it at or near the top of the NFC South, you know they are strong division plays. If their record slots them around the top of the NFC or the NFL in general, that’s when you hit up the sportsbooks looking for their conference title and Super Bowl odds. 

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How To Make Money Betting On Carolina Panthers

For all the success they've enjoyed in their brief history, the Panthers have also proven to be a bit of a helter skelter football team. One year they are up, then the next year they are down. Through the first two decades of the franchise's history, the Panthers were never able to put together successive winning seasons.

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What is amazing about that stat is, even though the Panthers won three successive NFC South Division titles from 2013-15, they did not put up winning numbers in all three seasons. They were 12-4 in 2013, but even though they dropped to 7-8-1 in 2014, those digits were still good enough to carry the day in the division. Carolina rebounded to go 15-1 in 2015, and that allowed the Panthers to claim another unique distinction.

That 15-1 campaign was a complete reversal of fortune from the Panthers' 2001 season, when the club went 1-15. This Jekyll-Hyde personality was equally evident from 2008-16. Three times during that span, the Panthers reached double digits in wins and three times over the same haul they endured double digits in losses.