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Not many people entered the 2015 NFL season expecting to see the Carolina Panthers emerge as one of the top sportsbetting plays of the year. And yet, that’s exactly what they did, winning 15 games with otherworldly balance on both sides of the ball. They didn’t finish off their historically good season with a Super Bowl victory, but those who pegged them as NFC champions ahead of the season were handsomely rewarded for their risk taking. Are we now due for an encore performance from the Panthers? [+]

To be honest, it’s difficult to say.

The Panthers didn’t lose a ton of people off their previous squad, which is good. But cornerback Josh Norman did bolt for Washington. That could be a problem. HIs absence leaves a glaring hole in the secondary that no one on the roster is guaranteed to fill.

And preventing touchdowns through the air was a big part of the Panthers’ defensive success last year. They allowed just 21 passing TDs all season, the seventh best mark in the league. Losing their top down field polieman won’t do them any favors.

This is especially true given that their rushing defense was far from perfect. The Panthers allowed 11 touchdowns on the ground, which ranked in the bottom half of the league.

Part of this is because teams were so afriad to throw at their secondary. They turned to the run more, so it’s only nature the opposition would have scored at a more frequent clip. But their safety net down the field could be gone, in which case the Panthers will be vulnerable in multiple areas, thus threatening their entire existence as everything plays.

So will they be able to shore up the gaps on the less flashy side of the ball, allowing themselves to remain NFC championship and Super Bowl staples at the sportsbooks? Or are the Panthers about to become the victims of an overachieving 15 win season, suggesting they’ll be noticeably worse in 2016 than they were in 2015?

Who Does Carolina Panthers Play Next

Below you’ll see which team the Panthers will be matched up against next. You’ll also find all the intel you need to make a proper bet, including, spreads, moneylines, overs and unders. [+]

Do yourself a favor and ensure you’re visiting this page a few times up until you make your bet. Even after you submit your wager, it’s a good a idea to keep coming back, just to make sure you’re initial bet hasn’t been jeopardized in any way.

Remember, since NFL game lines are published a few days in advance, they are more open to changing. And they do change. Frequently. And for a variety of reasons.

Let’s say that on Tuesday the Panthers are eight point favorites against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a game on Sunday. But by Thursday, it’s been announced that reigning MVP Cam Newton won’t be playing because of a sore shoulder. 

The line will move in the Bucs’ favor to reflect this. By looking at this page, you’ll either be aware of these changes before you place your bet, in which case you can adjust your approach accordingly, or you’ll find out after the fact, at which point you can at least decide whether to lay down another gamble elsewhere to make up for your probable losses.

My Team's Next MatchCarolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers Game Schedule

Those who like to plan some of their approaches ahead will find this look particularly useful. By looking at the past scores, you can discover patterns that will allow you to strengthen the quality of all future bets. [+]

Previous outcomes can tell you which teams the Panthers struggle or thrive against. They can tell you whether the Panthers are covering spreads at home or on the road. They can show you if the Panthers are hitting the overs more than the unders this season. They can reveal how the Panthers perform against polished offenses and fortified defenses.

After reviewing how Carolina fares in all those circumstances, you are able to slot your findings against upcoming opponents. See which type of team they are (offensive specialist or defensive dynamo) and where the game is being played (in Carolina or on the road), and you’ll be able to tell right away which bet you should be making.

This is all happening before the official odds are made public knowledge, but that’s fine. You’ll have such a good hold on every situation, you’ll immediately know how to bet once the games lines are released.

Results / FixturesCarolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers Standings Today

Here is where the Carolina Panthers sit in the standings, Any bettors who are planning on dabbling in midseason futures should use this as a lifeline. [+]

Those types of bets are all about the Panthers’ record relative to everyone else’s.

If Carolina has enough wins to put it at or near the top of the NFC South, you know they are strong division plays. If their record slots them around the top of the NFC or the NFL in general, that’s when you hit up the sportsbooks looking for their conference title and Super Bowl odds. 

StandingsCarolina Panthers

How To Make Money Betting On Carolina Panthers

If you’re going to jump on the Carolina Panthers’ futures bandwagon, do it sooner rather than latter. 

Because so many people think they undeservingly overachieved in 2015, the odds won’t be as unsavory as they would be for most reigning 15 win squads. They will be a bit more lucrative than normal.

It’s a risk to bet on the Panthers as NFC champions or Super Bowl winners this early if you’re not sold on last season’s performance. They could regress substantially. But that’s true of just about any team. 

The odds will only become less enticing as the season goes on, too. There’s always the chance Carolina flames out, completely invalidating the early season lines, but that’s unlikely.

Even if it’s a small amount of money, it’s wise to bet on the Panthers’ futures now if you’re so inclined. You won’t ensure yourself of a huge return in the end if you wait until they’ve silenced any of their remaining doubters by the middle of the season.

Moving forward, view the Carolina Panthers as weekly over plays.

It’s a stark contrast from where they should be. They partner the sixth best defense with the top ranked offense. Those two should, in theory, cancel each other out.

But the loss of Josh Norman looms large. The Panthers should give up slighty more points now that they’re increbily vulnerable in the secondary, adding to their over appeal.

Even if they don’t, their offense hasn’t changed a bit. Cam Newton through for more than 3,800 yards while rushing for more than 600. They have two solid receivers in Kelvin Benjamin and Ted Ginn Jr. Jonathan Stewart is one of the best running backs in the league. And by the end of last season, the Panthers were completing huge yardage plays like it was nothing.

Don’t count out this offense, then, from being even better in 2016.

The Panthers could realistically top 30 points per game on their own accord, which is enough to make them regular over investments irregardless of where their defense may stand. 

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