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The NFC West, one of the toughest divisions in the NFL, will be a dog fight for the duration of the 2016 season. The reigning champion Arizona Cardinals are the presumed favorites heading into the season. Buoyed by a tough secondary and one of the best passing attacks in the NFC, Arizona has a chance to once again roll to the top of the division so long as they get past the Seattle Seahawks. Seattle, led by dynamic quarterback Russell Wilson and cornerback Richard Sherman, has an opportunity to make it back to the playoffs. [+]

They just need to overcome the loss of running back Marshawn Lynch, which won’t be an easy task. 

While the Cardinals and Seahawks are the definite top dogs of the division, the 49ers and the newly-minted L.A. Rams might still be able to make some noise. The Rams have the best defensive line in the division and one of the strongest in the league, but their passing attack, with the drafting of new quarterback Jared Goff, has a lot to prove.

San Francisco, on the other hand, is shrouded by uncertainty heading into the season. Once one of the most dynamic and exciting teams in football, the 49ers have lost many stars since the early 2010’s. Quarterback Colin Kaepernick, once the new franchise savior, has fallen into the dog house with the fans because of his erratic play in recent seasons.

However, Kap will get a chance of redemption under new head coach Chip Kelly going into the 2016 season. Kelly was the former architect of one of college football’s most dynamic offenses at Oregon thanks to his mobile quarterbacks and will look to utilize Kaepernick in a similar fashion to get the 49ers back on track.

The Cards and Seahwaks, however, will be the overwhelming favorites to not only win the division, but potentially make a Super Bowl run. Seattle and Arizona feature two of the best overall defenses in the NFL, and as the old saying goes, “defense wins championships.” 

Best NFC West Sportsbook Odds

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This tool will layout who the favorites are in each game that each NFC West team is matched up with on a weekly basis and establish betting lines for all these games. 


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NFL nfc
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What Are The NFC West Standings Today

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National Football Conference
National Football Conference
# team P W L + - %
Regular NFC Conference East
1 Dallas Cowboys Dallas Cowboys 16 13 3 421 306 0.813
2 New York Giants New York Giants 16 11 5 310 284 0.688
3 Washington Redskins Washington Redskins 16 8 7 396 383 0.500
4 Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles 16 7 9 367 331 0.438
Regular NFC Conference North
1 Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers 16 10 6 432 388 0.625
2 Detroit Lions Detroit Lions 16 9 7 346 358 0.563
3 Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings 16 8 8 327 307 0.500
4 Chicago Bears Chicago Bears 16 3 13 279 399 0.188
Regular NFC Conference South
1 Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Falcons 16 11 5 540 406 0.688
2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16 9 7 354 369 0.563
3 New Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints 16 7 9 469 454 0.438
4 Carolina Panthers Carolina Panthers 16 6 10 369 402 0.375
Regular NFC Conference West
1 Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks 16 10 5 354 292 0.625
2 Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals 16 7 8 418 362 0.438
3 Los Angeles Rams Los Angeles Rams 16 4 12 224 394 0.250
4 San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers 16 2 14 309 480 0.125

How To Make Money Betting On NFC West 

Picking whether to face the Cardinals or Seahawks defensive unit is a real “pick your poison” type scenario.

While the Seattle unit has the slight edge in overall ability thanks to their consistent performance throughout the last half decade, the Cardinals are gaining on them quickly.

The Seahawks secondary returns original “Legion of Boom” member Brandon Browner, but Arizona picked up standout outside linebacker Chandler Jones from the Patriots during the offseason.

Seattle should be the better defense this season thanks to their depth from the secondary to the defensive line, but the Cardinals could be the more solidified team thanks to their well-rounded offense. 

Led by a reborn Carson Palmer, Arizona completed its best season in team history in 2015 by registering a mark of 13-3. There is an outside chance that the Cardinals are not able to make it back to the postseason, but if their key players can stay healthy they could very well make more history by winning the division in back-to-back seasons.

As for the remaining two teams, the Rams and 49ers are in tough but should make a better account of themselves than they did last season. Los Angeles has the best young running back in 2015 Rookie of the Year Todd Gurley and a ferocious defensive line, but beyond that they are sparse in talent, particularly in the secondary. The key question for the Rams is who is going to be their starting quarterback. Will it be incumbent Nick Foles or the first overall draft pick, Jared Goff. 

The marriage of Kelly and Kap will be the biggest storyline in San Francisco heading into the year. They also feature a promising young running back in Carlos Hyde and an All-Pro linebacker in NaVorro Bowman, but their depth has diminished tremendously in recent years. Kelly had a great first season in Philadelphia so this could be the same if he can find a groove with the offensive unit. 

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