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One NFL team every sports bettor should have their eyes on in the near future is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They won only six games last season and aren’t yet ready to be viewed as everything plays, but they soon could be. To be absolutely certain, it won’t be this season. They are still too young, their defense still too raw. But they have a nice core on the offensive side of things, where they are headlined by quarterback Jameis Winston. Tampa Bay ranked 20th in points scored per game during his first season. [+]

That’s not anything special at first blush, but it’s very good for a rookie learning the ropes under center. 

This season should see him improve, as well as his top gun, wide receiver Mike Evans. And if the Bucs’ offense is able to climb into even the top 15 of production, they’ll be better—capable of building upon their six win total from 2015.

This, of course, doesn’t make them big time futures plays. They won’t be contending for a Super Bowl or NFC title. They probably won’t even have a strong say in who wins the NFC South. They just aren’t on the same level as the Carolina Panthers.

Still, this is a team that could steal a few surprise games. And that’s cause enough to consider them as part of your single game rotation, be it as a spread or over/under bet.

Who Does Tampa Bay Buccaneers Play Next

Take a look at who the Buccaneers play next right here. This has everything you need to start the betting process, from opponents, to all the spreads, overs, unders and moneylines. [+]

Game lines in the NFL are subject to change more often than most sports, though. They are published days in advance, which makes them uniquely susceptible to any sudden differences that could impact the lines.

Injuries, player returns and unexpectedly one-sided action on a particular team or bet can all contribute to these adjustments. Checking this page as often as possible guarantees you’ll never be caught off guard once you get to the sportsbooks to submit your bet.

My Team's Next MatchTampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Game Schedule

Come back here whenever you wish to view the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ entire schedule. It’s a very useful tool for those sportsbettors who like to put extra thought into their wagers. [+]

Looking back at past scores and the outcomes to previous games helps you collect information that will direct your bets in the future. You can see how the Bucs fare against teams above .500 or below .500. You can keep track of whether they are better over or under plays. You can figure out which types of spreads they are covering and missing out on. You can tell how much better they play at home compared to on the road.

All of that information, when documented, can be used to determine how the Bucs will play during their next game. Just see which team they are facing, where the game is located (home or away) and the patterns from the scenarios above, among others, will point you toward a specific wager.

Game lines won’t be available too far in advance, but when you’re working with this kind of discipline, you don’t need them. You will get a feel for the matchup from the above investigation, and then you’ll get an immediate inkling of what to do once the lines go public.

Results / FixturesTampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Standings Today

This is where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sit in the standings. You will find this look to be infinitely useful if you’re betting midseason futures. [+]

Simply looking at the Bucs’ record tells you which type of play to make. Are they divisional gambles? If so, their record will match up with those of the NFC South’s top teams. Are they NFC championship wagers? Only if their record ranks near the top of the entire conference. Should you invest in their Super Bowl odds? Again, only if their win total is among the best in the entire NFL.

StandingsTampa Bay Buccaneers

How To Make Money Betting On Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Consider the Tampa Bay Buccaneers strong over plays for the 2016 campaign.

This is in many ways a counterintuitive meassure, given that their offense hovered around the bottom 10 of points scored per game last season. But they were, again, led by a rookie quarterback. Jameis Winston is only going to get better.

The same goes for his supporting cast. Running back Doug Martin, along with wideouts Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans, will have a better feel for Winston’s arm and tendencies and route preferences.

As long as they all stay healthy, this is a squad that can hang a bunch of touchdowns and field goals on the board, perhaps scrapping and clawing their way into the top 10 or 12 of offensive production. And if they can do that, their curb appeal on the over goes through the roof.

Tampa Bay’s defense seals this status even further. Though the team signed defensive end Robert Ayers, formerly of the New York Giants, during the free agency period, they aren’t projected to be much better than last season, when they ranked 26th in points allowed per game.

Expect the Bucs to give up a ton of points while also scoring in scads. And that’s more than enough to work their over numbers on a weekly basis. More often than not, you shouldn’t regret it.

Making a lot of money while betting on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can be tough. They are at a difficult stage of their development. They are too good to count out, but not yet good enough to be considered weekly favorites on a regular basis.

We have mentioned the over as one form of turning a profit, and you should continue to keep that in mind. Beyond this, another trick is to bet against the Bucs whenever the offense they are playing boasts a top notch quarterback and/or receiving platoon.
The Bucs, after all, allowed 31 passing touchdowns in 2015. That’s a lot. Only seven other teams, in fact, let up more of those scores.
While some will count on them improving the secondary, that’s far from a given. The Bucs didn’t make any noteworthy additions at cornerback, free safety or even linebacker. They are still vulnerable when looking down the field.
Matchups that pit them against the Russell Wilsons, Carson Palmers, Andrew Rogeres and Tom Bradys of the league are not for them. They are liable to get carved up, not just clearing over totals, but getting absolutely blown out.
In these instances, it’s a good idea to bet against them on the spreads, even if they are double digit margins. Their secondary is that compromised. 
The same goes for the moneyline front. The Bucs won’t usually be favored in these situations to begin with, so the return will be small on its own, but you can wager against them on the moneyline as part of a parlay that incorporates another two or more wagers you’re confident in hitting.
This is the approach to take with the Bucs for now—until they prove worthy of your futures attention.
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