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Almost no one saw the Minnesota Vikings coming last season. That they were able to piece together 11 victories and win the NFC North was nothing short of spectacular. All sportsbettors need to know now is: Can the Vikings do it again? Answering “To be determined” feels like a cop out, but it’s the truth. We don’t know if Minnesota can duplicate its success from 2015. The NFC North was thrown for a whirl with all the injuries from which the Green Bay Packers suffered. [+]

That contributed to the Vikings rise. Now that Randall Cobb, Eddie Lacy and Jordy Nelson are fully healthy, Green Bay should be favorited to win the division.

There is also no telling if the Vikings can once again rank in the top five of points allowed per game like they did last season. Though they didn’t lose any personnel that could diminish the value of their defensive possessions, maintaining a top-five standing is just really, really, ridiculously hard.

If the Vikings are going to tread water, let alone improve upon their 11 win showing from 2015, it will be up to the offense. That’s where they have the most room to grow. The Vikings ranked 16th in points per game last year—and that was while checking in at 31st in total passing touchdowns.

Should quarterback Teddy Bridgewater not need to lean on running back Adrian Peterson as much, Minnesota’s offense will be more balanced. And balance, as any sportsbettor worth his salt knows, is the mark of a great everything play.

Who Does Minnesota Vikings Play Next

Right down below is where you can see who the Minnesota Vikings play next, along with all the necessary kickoff times, overs, unders, moneylines and spreads. [+]

Keep your eyes on these game lines throughout the week to make sure they don’t change in a way that would impact your bet. Since the odds are published with time to breathe before kickoff, they are frequently different by the time game day rolls around.

Returning to this page right up until you submit your bet at your favorite sportsbook will alert you to any tweaks, this way you don’t have to worry about being unnecessarily caught off guard upon submitting your wager.

My Team's Next MatchMinnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings Game Schedule

Find the Minnesota Vikings’ entire game schedule right here. This is a great tool for anyone who likes to keep track of how the team has performed in the past. [+]

Documenting previous scores allows you to see how the Vikings play against different types of rivals and under different sets of circumstances. Do they cover the over or the under more? Are they more prone to covering the spread at home or on the road? How do they play when they’re double digit favorites? What about when they are double digit underdogs? Do they have a winning record against teams above .500? How many times have they lost to opponents below .500?

Simply take all this information, which you should be updating as the season goes on, and weigh it against any future weekly play. You won’t have official game lines off which to work, but you can see who the Vikings’ opponent is, where the game is being held and take a stab at the poential outcome based off all the information you have astutely compiled.

Once the game lines are made official, you should have no trouble sussing out a wager in which you feel wholly confident.

Results / FixturesMinnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings Standings Today

Use this look at the Minnesota Vikings’ place in the standings to determine if they are solid future plays. [+]

When the Vikings’ record sticks them at the top of the NFC North, you will know to check out their divisional odds. If that same record also leaves them at or near the top of the NFC at large, you’ll want to research their conference championship returns. And if their win total successfull stacks up with those of the league’s foremost powerhouses—the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks, for instance—you’ll have the option of reviewing their Super Bowl chances as well.

In the event their record doesn’t carry cachet in any of these departments, just stay away from all Vikings futures.

StandingsMinnesota Vikings

How To Make Money Betting On Minnesota Vikings

Though the Minnesota Vikings are not great over plays as a collective, some of their individual players are intriguing over bets at the props station.

With running back Adrian Peterson now on the wrong side of 31, it’s safe to say the Vikings won’t look to rely on him as much. He carried the ball more than 325 times last season. That type of workload isn’t sustainable for someone his age.

Plus, quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is now entering his third year in the NFL. This is the perfect time for the Vikings to increase the burden placed upon his shoulders. He has yet to throw for more than 3,500 yards or pass for more than 14 touchdowns. This should be the year he eclipses both of those milestones.

Sportsbooks most likely won’t see it the same way. Not yet at least. They don’t tend to set the overs and unders at benchmarks a player in question hasn’t yet reached.

That gives you the license to bet overs on Bridgewater’s prop gambles. He shouldn’t disappoint you there.

Consider doing the same for sophomore receiver Stefon Diggs. He flashed moments of stardom during his rookie season in 2015, and someone will need to be targeted by Bridgewater when he takes to the air more in 2016. Diggs is the best candidate to fill that role, so his reception yards and touchdowns should be significantly eleveted by default.

Check out the overs and unders for his numbers in those departments. If they’re not clearly unreasonable, it’s time to invest in the over. 

As is the case with many teams, there is no magic wager that allows you to make consistent money off the Minnesota Vikings. The kinds of bets you make for or against them will vary by the week and opponent. 

There is, however, one piece of advice to take with you: Avoid betting overs and unders on the team itself until you know more about their offense.

Yes, the Vikings’ top five defense should be enough to make it a strong under play. That was the case last season. And perhaps it will be the case in 2016 as well.

But you need to see what happens with their 16th ranked offense first.

If Teddy Bridgewater, for example, turns into a human flamethrower, tossing for 35-plus touchdowns, the Vikings will easily fall inside the top 10 or 12 of points scored per game. That added offense will then threaten to cancel out the defense.

The scores of games won’t be incredibly high or astoundingly low. They will be somewhere in the middle, which is the absolute worst for anyone who likes to bet overs and unders.

Now, if their offense doesn’t improve, or if it somehow digresses, liberally bet on the under so long as the Vikings’ first rate defense remains intact. Right now, though, it makes more sense to play the spreads and moneylines until you can be totally sure the Vikings haven’t struck a balance their roster, quite frankly, says that they can.

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