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From its origins in 1920, the NFL fended off several rival leagues that tried to battle for both players and audiences but it wasn’t until the birth of the American Football League in 1960 that the NFL found itself with a legitimate challenger to deal with. The AFL successfully lured away NFL players and convinced many top college stars to join up, driving salaries upward as the two loops battled in bidding wars for the best young talent. Finally in 1966, the two leagues came to a merger agreement but because of TV deals, they would remain rival leagues until 1970. [+]

The NFL and AFL did decide as part of the merger agreement to immediately begin an annual title game between the champions of the two leagues, the first one to be played on Jan. 5, 1967.

The showdown was originally labeled the AFL-NFL Championship, but Lamar Hunt, owner of the AFL’s Kansas City Chiefs, who lost the first game 35-10 to the NFL’s Green Bay Packers, suggested the name Super Bowl to NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle.

Hunt came up with the idea after watching his daughter playing with a rubber Super Ball, a popular toy in the 1960s. Originally, there was resistance to this title, but it quickly caught on and by the third game between the AFL’s New York Jets and NFL’s Baltimore Colts, the game became known as the Super Bowl. It wasn’t until the fifth Super Bowl between the Colts and Dallas Cowboys that the usage of roman numerals to indicate which game was being played was implemented.


Best Super Bowl Sportsbook Odds

Ready to put some money down on the Super Bowl? Look below to reference the game odds. It’s an essential first step in the betting process for the biggest sporting event of the year.

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Away Score Home Money Line
Sunday 05 February
Patriots 18:30 Atlanta Falcons -145 +140 Odds

What Is The Super Bowl Matchup

You’ll find all the information you need on the Super Bowl matchup right here. Through the first 50 Super Bowls, the NFC has a slight 26-24 edge.


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# team P W L + - %
1 New England Patriots New England Patriots 16 14 2 441 250 0.875
2 Dallas Cowboys Dallas Cowboys 16 13 3 421 306 0.813
3 Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs 16 12 4 389 311 0.750
4 Oakland Raiders Oakland Raiders 16 12 4 416 385 0.750
5 Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Falcons 16 11 5 540 406 0.688
6 New York Giants New York Giants 16 11 5 310 284 0.688
7 Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers 16 11 5 399 327 0.688
8 Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers 16 10 6 432 388 0.625
9 Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins 16 10 6 363 380 0.625
10 Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks 16 10 5 354 292 0.625
11 Denver Broncos Denver Broncos 16 9 7 333 297 0.563
12 Detroit Lions Detroit Lions 16 9 7 346 358 0.563
13 Houston Texans Houston Texans 16 9 7 279 328 0.563
14 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16 9 7 354 369 0.563
15 Tennessee Titans Tennessee Titans 16 9 7 381 378 0.563
16 Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens 16 8 8 343 321 0.500
17 Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Colts 16 8 8 411 392 0.500
18 Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings 16 8 8 327 307 0.500
19 Washington Redskins Washington Redskins 16 8 7 396 383 0.500
20 Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals 16 7 8 418 362 0.438
21 Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills 16 7 9 399 378 0.438
22 New Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints 16 7 9 469 454 0.438
23 Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles 16 7 9 367 331 0.438
24 Carolina Panthers Carolina Panthers 16 6 10 369 402 0.375
25 Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals 16 6 9 325 315 0.375
26 New York Jets New York Jets 16 5 11 275 409 0.313
27 San Diego Chargers San Diego Chargers 16 5 11 410 423 0.313
28 Los Angeles Rams Los Angeles Rams 16 4 12 224 394 0.250
29 Chicago Bears Chicago Bears 16 3 13 279 399 0.188
30 Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars 16 3 13 318 400 0.188
31 San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers 16 2 14 309 480 0.125
32 Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns 16 1 15 264 452 0.063

How To Make Money Betting On Super Bowl

Interestingly, the team with the most Super Bowl wins is the Pittsburgh Steelers with six, an NFL team that was relocated to the AFC as part of the 1970 merger along with the Baltimore (now Indianapolis) Colts and the original Cleveland Browns, today the Baltimore Ravens

The only team to represent both sides in the Super Bowl, the Colts were involved in what still is viewed as the most famous Super Bowl of all, and certainly the most significant Super Bowl of all, when as 18-point favorites, the NFL champion Colts fell 16-7 to the New York Jets in Super Bowl III, a victory famously guaranteed by Jets quarterback Joe Namath.

The NFL powerhouse Green Bay Packers had whipped the Kansas City Chiefs (35-10) and Oakland Raiders (33-14) in the first two Super Bowl games, so the AFL desperately needed to display to the football public that it was a legitimate league and could compete with the more established NFL. Namath and the Jets made it so.

If you want to make money betting on the Super Bowl, don’t always play the favorite. Underdogs often win the big game, occasionally at long odds. The win by the New York Jets as 18-point underdogs against the Baltimore Colts is the most famous Super Bowl upset, but there have been other notable achievements over the years.

Even perfection doesn’t guarantee Super Bowl success. The New England Patriots rolled into Super Bowl XLII at 18-0 and as 12-point picks over the New York Giants, but the Giants scored late for a 17-14 win.

The Patriots were the ones with upset in mind in Super Bowl XXXVI, downing the St. Louis Rams on an Adam Vinatieri field goal for a 17-14 win despite being 14-point underdogs in what was the first Super Bowl win for the combination of New England coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady.

Another indication that favorites will fall on the path to the Super Bowl – the Super Bowl 50 matchup between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers marked just the third time since 1993 that both No. 1 seeds advanced to meet in the big game.

The beautiful thing about the Super Bowl is that as North America’s premiere sporting event, there is a bet for everybody. You don’t need to know anything at all about football to make a Super Bowl prop bet, and you can wager on just about anything you can imagine on Super Bowl Sunday.

Some Super Bowl prop bets include over/under on the length of the National Anthem. Will the coin toss be heads or tails? What color will the Gatorade be that’s dumped over the head of the winning coach? Who will make the first pass catch? Who will score the first touchdown? What type of scoring play will first occur in the game?

At Super Bowl 50, you could wager on whether Peyton Manning would announce his retirement during his post-game interview, and on how many times his father Archie Manning would be shown in the crowd.

Like we said, at the Super Bowl, there’s a wager for everybody.

New England Patritots vs. Atlanta Falcons: Super Bowl 51 Bets

The teams have been decided the scene is set for one of the most anticipated Super Bowls in recent memory. Firstly, if you think Matt Ryan is going to have the kind of game he’s been having in recent weeks, you’ll want to bet take the over, even though it’s set at a record-high 59.5 points. 

If, however, you think that New Enland will live up to their billing as the league’s stingiest defesne, you’ll want to back the under. New England should score 30 points so it will be left up to Atlanta, who has the best offense in the league, to at least equal New England’s total. 

The Patriots are three-point favorites going into Super Bowl 51. Favorites have not fared well in the last nine Super Bowls, winning only two. Favorites have lost the last five showcase games, but something tells me the Patriots are about to buck that trend. 

Back the Patriots on the moneyline but be weary of them covering the three-point spread. That’s a different ball game entirely. This could be won by a last-minute field goal, so think long and hard before backing the Patriots on the spread.


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