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There was a time when the Dallas Stars were the epitome of defense. They could play the shutdown game against anyone, building a brick wall in front of Hall of Fame goalie Ed Belfour. That style won them a Stanley Cup in 1999, but today’s version of the Stars looks nothing like that team. These Stars play an attacking, up-tempo style and come at you in waves, armed with an arsenal of top-notch finishers. Teams don’t want to get into a game of trading chances with Dallas because if they choose to follow that system, all they will leave Big D with is another L in standings.

Who Do The Dallas Stars Play Next

Whoever is next up for Dallas had better bring their checking skates. No team in the NHL runs and guns with the ferocity and accuracy of the Stars, who are capable of outscoring any squad. [+]

Things to watch for in Dallas opponents – do they surrender a lot of goals, are they poor penalty killers? If so, bet the Stars, because they will light them up. 

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Dallas Stars Game Schedule

This is the game schedule for the Dallas Stars. Study it and know the ins and outs and quirks of its layout. When does Dallas take a long road trip? Are they playing back-to-back games? [+]

Perhaps they’re playing an afternoon game immediately following a night game? All of these factors can impact a team’s performance and should also affect how you wager on Dallas Stars games. Always take these same factors into consideration in regards to opponents of the Dallas Stars as well. 

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Dallas Stars Standings Today

These are the up to date standings for the Dallas Stars and if wagering on Dallas Stars game is in your plan, then this should be your next stop right after you pour that morning cup of coffee. [+]

The daily NHL standings reveal much detail not only in terms of where teams sit in the overall picture, but also as to which teams are strong at home and which clubs can take a successful show on the road. Daily perusal of the standings will give you handle on which teams are trending upwards and which teams are steadily sinking like a rock in a pond.

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How To Make Money Betting On Dallas Stars

This one might sound obvious but stick with future bets, prop bets and overs for the majority of Stars’ games. They have an incredibly potent offense, usually scoring at will but are prone to bleed goals. You won’t want to bet on the moneyline often unless you put a ton of money down. 

Dallas A Contender Once Again

Born as the Minnesota North Stars in 1967, they relocated to the Lone Star state in 1993 to become the Dallas Stars and it’s been a success story for the most part. In Dallas the Stars have won seven divisional titles, two Western Conference crowns and one Stanley Cup. A dry spell saw the Stars miss the playoffs for five straight seasons from 2008-13, but they’ve steadily rebuilt through the draft and some blockbuster trades and Dallas is once again a contender in the West and worthy of a bettor’s attention.