Must-Make Betting Picks For 2024 Miami Grand Prix

Must-Make Betting Picks For 2024 Miami Grand Prix

We’re back in South Florida for the third-ever Miami Grand Prix. The question is, what’s the best way to make money off it betting? We think we know. Keep on reading for expert Miami Grand Prix betting advice on the race right here!

  • What: 2024 Miami Grand Prix
  • When: Sunday, May 5
  • Where: Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida

2024 Miami Grand Prix Betting Preview

Let’s start this preview of the Miami Grand Prix with a quick look at the betting odds. To no one’s surprise, Max Verstappen is a big betting favorite to win outright in Miami. Here’s the latest F1 odds at top betting sites:

Max Verstappen-600-600-600
Sergio Perez+1100+1100+1100
Lando Norris+1800+1800+1800
Charles Leclerc+1800+1800+1800
Carlos Sainz+1800+1800+1800

Verstappen has continued to dominate the sport. So far this year, he’s won four out of five races. The one event he didn’t win? Because of a brake fire on his Red Bull machine — not because anyone actually beat him. Verstappen is well on his way to a fourth straight world championship barring catastrophe.

Not only does Verstappen have that going for him, but also dominance at this track. The Miami Grand Prix debuted in 2022 and Verstappen has won every time out. In the inaugural race, he edged out Leclerc by just over three seconds. Last year, he extended the lead to slightly over five seconds when he outlasted his Red Bull teammate, Perez.

So we’ll be upfront and say Verstappen is probably winning this race. But if he does, you won’t make all that much money unless you bet big — which probably isn’t worth the risk anyway. Therefore, we’ll be skipping out on the race-winner bet altogether. We think there’s better betting value elsewhere, which is what we’re covering next.

Best Bets For Miami Grand Prix

There's a lot — and we mean a lot — of Miami Grand Prix bets available. However, only a select few are worth throwing money on from a value and confidence perspective. Here are two that should be atop your radars (pun fully intended):

Sprint Race Prop Bet

Ah, yes, Miami will have the second sprint race of 2024. Here again, the betting odds are quite titled in favor of Verstappen:

Max Verstappen-500-500-500
Sergio Perez+1000+1000+1000
Lando Norris+1600+1600+1600
Charles Leclerc+1600+1600+1600
Carlos Sainz+1600+1600+1600

F1 has routinely tweaked sprint races since first introducing them in 2021. This year, qualifying for the sprint race takes place on Friday afternoon rather than the second practice session, with traditional qualifying staying on Saturday afternoon. That means there’s only one practice session over the weekend and Saturday is no longer a sprint-only affair.

We just had to mention that in case you missed out last race. In the debut sprint race of the year in China, Verstappen proved victorious despite Norris winning the pole. So encore for Max here?

Probably but we think there’s value in throwing some money on Perez. In a shorter sprint race, the car really makes or breaks the outcome — and there’s no doubt Red Bull owns the fastest whip in the whole circuit. That makes Perez a real contender if something goes awry for Verstappen. Plus, at his steep odds, even a small bet on Perez could pay big time. We think it’s worth a shot!

Sergio Perez to win 2024 Miami Grand Prix sprint race

Top-6 Finish Prop Bet

We really like this wager for F1 these days. That’s because the top of the race standings is pretty consistent — Verstappen and then some jumbled order between Perez, Leclerc, or Sainz. You don’t see any variety until you get into those middle finishes in fifth or sixth. That makes this bet worthwhile. Here’s your betting options:

Max Verstappen-1200-1200-1200
Sergio Perez-750-750-750
Lando Norris-650-650-650
Charles Leclerc-650-650-650
Carlos Sainz-650-650-650
Oscar Piastri-140-140-140
George Russell-120-120-120
Fernando Alonso-120-120-120
Lewis Hamilton-110-110-110
Yuki Tsunoda+2200+2200+2200
Nico Hulkenberg+2200+2200+2200

This bet effectively comes down to Mercedes vs. McClaren vs. Aston Martin. All three teams are battling each other out for who’s the third-best team after Red Bull and Ferrari. So far, McClaren is ahead of the two but come Miami, we like Aston Martin’s chances slightly more. Its car is well-suited for this track.

If we’re correct, then money on Alonso makes sense here. He had a good outing in Shanghai with the fourth-best race pace in both the sprint and the Grand Prix. That momentum should carry Alonso to a top-6 finish in Miami.

Fernando Alonso to finish top-6 at 2024 Miami Grand Prix

How To Watch Miami Grand Prix?

The Miami Grand Prix isn’t just a one-day ordeal. No, it’s actually three days. If you want to watch the Miami Grand Prix in full, here’s the TV schedule:

Friday, May 3

  • 12:25-1:30 pm: Free practice 1 (ESPN, F1TV)
  • 4:25-5:15 pm: Sprint qualifying (ESPN, F1TV)

Saturday, May 4

  • 11:55 am.-1 pm: Sprint (ESPN, F1TV)
  • 3:55-5 pm: Qualifying (ESPN, F1TV)

Sunday, May 5

2:30-3:55 pm: Pre-race show (ESPN, F1TV)
  • 3:55-6 pm: Miami Grand Prix (ABC, F1TV)

How To Bet On Miami Grand Prix?

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