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There may be no tougher and deeper division in hockey than the NHL Central Division. The Chicago Blackhawks are the class of the group, with three Stanley Cup titles since 2010, but the St. Louis Blues and Colorado Avalanche have also won division titles in recent years and the Dallas Stars and Nashville Predators are right there as well. Pity the Minnesota Wild and Winnipeg Jets, two solid teams trying to make headway in this race filled with thoroughbreds. [+]

The good news in all this is that with such tight competition, odds will favor the bettor and there should always be good wagering to be had.

Best NHL Central Division Sportsbook Odds

The NHL Central Division teams can win in a variety of ways. The Chicago Blackhawks are star-studded, but their defense is solid and their goaltending is vastly underrated. [+]

The St. Louis Blues can match the Blackhawks in just about every facet except between the pipes. No team can outscore the Dallas Stars. Defense is the trademark of the Minnesota Wild and for years, it was the same with the Nasvhille Predators, but recently, they’ve added an up-tempo attacking style to go with their solid checking. The Colorado Avalanche and Winnipeg Jets are the wildcards in the group, young teams with rising stars who may soon be on the cusp of arriving to challenge the top teams in the division.

With all of these varying styles, it makes for entertaining hockey and from a wagering standpoint, offers great opportunity to hit a pay day.

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What Are The Central Division Standings Today

These are the NHL Central Division standings. Monitor them on a regular basis because they are a fountain of information and it’s right there in front of you to be gleaned every day. [+]

Which teams are on the move to the top and which teams are entering a slide in the opposite direction? Which teams can score and which teams can keep the puck out of their net? Note these trends, stay on top of them, and will be able to wager on the NHL Central Division like a pro.