Quebec City’s loss was Denver’s gain. After years of bottom dwelling seasons, a Quebec Nordiques team deep in sensational young talent were just beginning their rise up the NHL standings when the team was relocated in 1995 and became the Colorado Avalanche. Their first season in their new digs, all the Avalanche did was go out and win the Stanley Cup, the first team to ever become a Stanley Cup champion during their inaugural campaign in a new city. [+]

The Avalanche continued to send the rest of the NHL tumbling well into the 2000s, winning another Stanley Cup during the 2000-01 season. The Avs finished first in their division every season from 1994-95 through 2002-03.

Who Do Colorado Avalanche Play Next

The next opponent for the Colorado Avalanche is always where you begin your study if betting on the Avalanche is a notion you have under consideration. What do you know about this team? [+]

Are they hot, or are they cooling off? Do they tend to give the Avalanche problems, or have they been serving as fodder for the Avs? If they are playing host to the Avs, are they a difficult home opponent to overcome? Should they be coming to Denver to play, check their road record, both for the season and in recent games. All of this information is vital to digest before any wager on a Colorado Avalanche game is undertaken.

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Colorado Avalanche Game Schedule

Below you will find the Colorado Avalanche game schedule and this is more than merely a list of games, it is a fountain of information available to the dilligent bettor. [+]

If wagering on the Colorado Avalanche is part of your plan, then knowing the ins and outs of Colorado’s schedule should be a mandatory pursuit. Are they a well-rested team, or one that is enduring a difficult stretch of several games in a short period of time? Are they on a lengthy road sojourn, or emabarking on a steady diet of home games? Every bit of this information is easily deciphered and absorbing it is time well spent, because an educated bettor tends to be a successful bettor.

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Colorado Avalanche Standings Today

Here are the Colorado Avalanche standings. Situated in the NHL’s deep Central Division, the Avalanche face many difficult battles against tough divisional opponents. [+]

They have to suit up six times each against teams like Chicago Blackhawks, Dallas Stars, St. Louis Blues and Minnesota Wild. Watch where the Avalanche are located not only within the division, but also realize their placing in the scrap for the two wildcard playoff positions in the NHL’s Western Conference. An NHL driven by the salary cap is an NHL featuring parity and the Avalanche can’t afford to take any opponent lightly, because the two points that are up for grabs in the next game could be the difference between skating in the playoffs or watching the post-season on television.

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How To Make Money Betting On Colorado Avalanche

Colorado's first NHL venture was nothing to write home about. The Colorado Rockies, as their nickname would suggest, lived a brief, rocky existence, making the playoffs just once and never winning a post-season series.

The Avalanche wrote a completely different story. From the moment they arrived in Denver, they were instantly among the NHL's elite franchises, blessed with a bevvy of young talent that carried the team at or near the top of the league for much of their first decade in the Mile High City. Today, the Avalanche have reloaded with a second coming of young superstars and it seems only a matter of time until they climb to the top of the NHL mountain again.

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Welcome to the Mile High City, and don't take that scenario lightly. The Avalanche play their games at altitude and that can prove a challenge for a visiting club, especially an Eastern Conference team that only plays in Denver once a season. Adjusting to the thinner air can prove difficult for some players and it can offer a significant home-ice edge to Colorado if the Avs are able to pounce and get a lead on the other team before they adapt to their surroundings.