Imagine the Chicago Blackhawks as a home renovation show, if you will. They create a masterpiece, the finished product is sensationally successful and then they blow it all up and start over. Well, not completely. The Blackhawks have locked up a solid core to base their successful formula around, and then they go out and find ways to replace the pieces that they must jettison in order to comply to today’s salary cap NHL. It’s a hard formula to decipher but the Blackhawks appear to be the team that’s mastered the solution. [+]

With three Stanley Cups betwen 2010-15 won by the three different groups of players, it’s difficult not to admire the way Chicago has built what can best be described as a salary-cap dynasty. The Blackhawks are going to be right there for years to come and as a bettor you can’t ask for more than the consistency Chicago delivers year after year.

Who Do The Chicago Blackhawks Play Next

Just because Chicago is regularly among the NHL’s elite franchises, it doesn’t mean that the Hawks are going to win every game. It’s essential to keep on top of Chicago’s next opponent. [+]

And to also be aware of who Chicago is playing and where and when the Blackhawks have been playing prior to entering that game. Most nights the Blackhawks figure to be the favorite, so look beneath the obvious for chances to cash on bets. Are the Blackhawks on a long road trip? Is this their third game in four nights? Might they be a little tired or a bit banged up? A little knowledge can go a long way toward making the odds work in your favor.

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Chicago Blackhawks Game Schedule

This is the Chicago Blackhawks game schedule and it is of vital importance to anyone planning to wager on their games. Chicago’s home, the United Center, is considered one of the most intimidating venues in all of professional sports. [+]

With its raucous crowds, the United Center is one of the loudest places in the NHL. The visiting team can be put off their game before they even start playing. In terms of home-ice advantage, there may be none greater in the NHL. That’s why the smart bettor always checks to see if the Blackhawks are playing at home or on the road.

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Chicago Blackhawks Standings Today

Here you will find the latest standings for the Chicago Blackhawks. Study of this data should be considered mandatory prior to making any wagers on the Blackhawks. [+]

In today’s NHL, with so little to choose between the teams from top to bottom, the standings are much like the television listings – always subject to change.

Know whether the Blackhawks are on a roll, or ar they in the midst of a struggling stretch of their season? Are they entering a homestand, or preparing to embark on a road trip? As well, stay abreast of the latest injury reports for both Chicago and the Blackhawks’ upcoming opponent. All of this information will affect how wagers are placed on the Blackhawks.

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How To Make Money Betting On Chicago Blackhawks

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A franchise founded in 1926, by 2009 the Blackhawks had won just three Stanley Cups. In took just another seven years for them to win three more, as the Blackhawks became the model of an NHL salary-cap dynasty.

The change began when longtime owner Bill Wirtz - known as Dollar Bill by Blackhawks fans due to his miserly ways - died and his son Rocky took over operating the team. Under the younger Wirtz, the Blackhawks took a 180-degree turn in the way they did things, both on and off the ice. Tickets to Blackhawks game became the hottest ducats in the Second City, and suddenly the Blackhawks were the scourge of the NHL and among the toughest teams to beat.