There was a time when betting on the Nashville Predators was a risky proposiiton. A team that stressed defense and played to try to win tight, low-scoring one-goal games, born out of their birth as a 1998 NHL expansion franchise, left the Predators a margin of error each night that was as razor-thin and as sharp as the tooth of the Predators logo. Today’s Predators are an entirely different team. It starts with world-class goalkeeping. It then works its way out to perhaps deepest and most productive group of mobile, puckhandling defensemen. [+]

But the biggest change is up front, where the once goal-starved Predators can now send waves of young, skilled forwards capable of burying the puck in the enemy net. Nashville can still win 3-2, but be wary of the Predators, because they are also capable of winning 7-1.

Who Do The Nashville Predators Play Next

Who are the Nashville Predators playing next and what do you know about them? How do they match-up with the Predators? What are the head-to-head results in meetings between the two? [+]

Has either team posted a long winning streak against the other? Do they have a penchant for playing close games against each other? These are all valid questions you should ask yourself prior to every game as you decide how to bet on the Nashville Predators.

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Nashville Predators Game Schedule

Study the Nashville Predators game schedule listed here. In its own unique way, it will tell you a story, one that may help you determine the best opportunities to bet on the Predators. [+]

At times during an 82-game season, a team will be enjoying a bit of a break, while an opponent might be in the midst of an arduous road journey. There will even be occasions when a home team is coming back in the early morning from a road contest the night before, while their next opponent is resting comfortably in a local hotel, already in town awaiting the game the next night. Knowing these factors, being aware of when they occur, can prove the key to a winning wager. 

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Nashville Predators Standings Today

Where do the Nashville Predators rank in the current NHL standings? The answer is right here. Have a look at where the Predators sit in the Central Division. [+]

Playing in the deep Central Division against rivals like the Chicago Blackhawks, St. Louis Blues and Dallas Stars, every point can be the difference between a top playoff seeding and perhaps a summer of sitting on the outside after missing the playoffs. Traditionally a strong home team, in recent years the Predators have become much better road warriors and that factor makes it much easier to wager on the Predators than in the early years of the franchise.


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How To Make Money Betting On Nashville Predators

The bright lights. The big city. No, it isn't New York or Los Angeles, but Nashville is a happening town in its own way. There's plenty to do, lots to tempt and a plethora of entertainment options.

This can prove a definite distraction to a visiting team, especially an Eastern Conference club that only visits Nashville once a season. If you're a country music fan and you won't be back for another year, aren't you going to want to get out on the town and check out the sights? All these factors can play to the Predators' advantage when it comes to making a wager.

With so many country and westen stars regularly in attendance at Predators home games, it's a reality that can provide a drawing card for attracting free agents to want to come and play in Nashville, especially those NHL players who are fans of that style of music.

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The Predators have too often lived up to that traditional country and western mantra in the playoffs, and could easily pen a hurting song about their years of post-season failure and disappointment. But with a recent Stanley Cup final appearance under their belt, there's a sense that something special is building within the current Predators.