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The Panthers are finally ready to pip Tampa Bay for the label of best Sunshine State team. Jaromir Jagr brought his legendary talent to the Panthers and everything seemed to turn around. Aaron Ekblad and Jonathon Huberdeau had a bona fide mentor capable of showing them how winning can come so easily. Florida played low stakes hockey and in return have grown to become one of the most well rounded teams in the NHL. [+]

They have jettisoned folks that did not want to be there and have acquired players that other teams saw little in, assembling a group of misfit toys playing with an admirable cutting edge. 

Who Do The Florida Panthers Play Next

Scanning Florida’s next opponent will give you a much better perspective before making your next bet. Find out how both teams are playing to make the best choices. 



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Florida Panthers Game Schedule

The Florida Panthers game schedule is the best way to get out in front on solid match-ups and understand exactly how the team will be moving throughout the season.  [+]

Look for trends in wins and losses from previous games and look ahead for road trips and homestands so you know when the team is rolling on all cylinders or faltering badly. 


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Florida Panthers Standings Today

Check out the standings to ensure you know if the Florida Panthers are in a must-win scenario. You also want to know if they’ve already clinched a playoff spot and more likely to rest players.


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How To Make Money Betting On Florida Panthers

The Florida Panthers are the definition of sneaky good. Florida, for some reason or another, seem to have not come into full view for most teams as a legitimate threat, which has led to some lopsided Panthers’ victories.

Roberto Luongo is steadily moving up the all time wins list, now in the top 5. But he still receives minimal credit after his tumultuous end in Vancouver. The reality for Florida is that this is no longer where older players may come to retire. Jaromir Jagr says he will play until he can no longer physically hack it. It doesn’t seem like the man ages, so we could be waiting a while for the legendary player to hang up his skates once and for all. 

The Florida Panthers have as good a chance as any team at winning the cup in the 2015-16 season. 

When the Panthers begin their playoff run you might begin to kick yourself for not placing a future bet so track their activity. Not many outlets or individuals give the Panthers the credit they deserve but if you watch a few games you can see they are the real deal.