The Canadiens lay claim to the second most championships, second only to the Yankees, in professional sports with 24. It must make the current Stanley Cup drought an even tougher pill to swallow. Habs fans eat, breath and sleep all things Canadiens, but are visibly frustrated with recent goings on in Montreal. Born in 1909, nearly a decade before the NHL came into existence, the Canadiens won their first Stanley Cup in 1915-16. They are the only team in NHL history to be part of the league from Day 1 without ever undergoing a name change.

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The Habs are used to playoff hockey and are usually fighting for a spot in the most exciting post-season in all of sports. Take a look at the standings to get a snapshot of Habs’ proceedings. 


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As much as the storied history of the Montreal Canadiens is written around their exciting, up-tempo brand of game dubbed fire-wagon hockey, their success story has been helped along by superb, consistent netminding. 

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It started when they signed the legendary Georges Vezina long before the NHL had even come into existence. Vezina protected their citadel until 1925, giving way to another future Hall of Famer in George Hainsworth. After a bit of a dry spell, the Canadiens again rose to prominence in the 1940s, with Bill Durnan winning six Vezina Trophies. In the 1950s, Jacques Plante backstopped the Habs to five successive Cups.

The 1960s saw Gump Worsley and Rogatien Vachon win more Cups, and then Ken Dryden dominated the 1970s. More recently, Patrick Roy gave Montreal world-class netminding and today, it's Carey Price who is the cream of the NHL goaltending crop.