Betting on the Ottawa Senators can be a bit of a crapshoot because the Senators rarely string together successive results. One season they will make a deep run in the playoffs, while they might miss out on on a postseason berth altogether in subsequent seasons. The Senators joined the NHL as an expansion team in 1992 and didn’t reach the Stanley Cup final until 2006-07, when they were dispatched in five games by the Anaheim Ducks. The Senators have historically performed better as an underdog than in the role of favorite, a fact of life to always keep in mind when wagering on this team.

Who Do The Ottawa Senators Play Next

Look up who the Ottawa Sentators play next if you are considering placing a wager on the game. The Sens’ opponents may be on a slide, which will help with their chances of winning.


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Ottawa Senators Game Schedule

Ottawa’s schedule is a good way to make note of games way in advance. Pick up on trends and follow their road games to add further perspective.

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Ottawa Senators Standings Today

The Ottawa Senators standings will help you compare exactly how the Sens are doing in comparison to the opposition. 

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How To Make Money Betting On Ottawa Senators 

The Ottawa Senators aren't the best team in the NHL by any stretch and, barring a miracle, won't be any time soon. They employs the neutral-zone trap, often playing in low-scoring tight-checking games. Keep that in mind when deciding on whether to choose the over or under.  

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The Senators tend to perform on the ice much like a counter-punching boxer. They stay cautious to a fault, following a defensive mantra, often waiting for the other team to grow frustrated and impatient. Then they pounce on errors with great effectivenes. The Senators like to keep it tight and love to play with a lead so that they can clamp down on the game and take the life right out of it.