Buffalo is a city haunted by past sports failures. The Buffalo Bills lost a uneviable record four Super Bowls in a row while the Sabres twice made it to the Stanley Cup Final, losing both in six-game series. You wouldn’t be faulted for sympathizing with their anguisihing plight. The Sabres are a young team looking to put the pieces together and rise back to heights not reached for many years. The key to returning to glory will be in meshing their many young stars into a cohesive, consistent unit that can consistently challenges for a playoff position.

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NHL - League 2023
Saturday, Dec 02, 202307:00 PM
Buffalo Sabres@Carolina Hurricanes
NHL - League 2023
Sunday, Dec 03, 202307:00 PM
Nashville Predators@Buffalo Sabres
NHL - League 2023
Tuesday, Dec 05, 202307:30 PM
Detroit Red Wings@Buffalo Sabres
Last update on Dec 3, 2023 11:45 AM

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The Buffalo Sabres joined the NHL along with the Vancouver Canucks in the expansion of 1970, increasing the league's size to 14 teams at the time. What is unique about that expansion is that neither of those teams have managed to win a Stanley Cup, going a combined zero for five in Stanley Cup Final apperances. 

The Sabres have produced many great players, from Hall of Famer Gilbert Perreault, the first player they ever drafted. They've been coached by legends such as Punch Imlach, Scotty Bowman, Roger Neilson and John Muckler, none of whom ever managed to help the Sabres lift hockey's Holy Grail aloft.