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Many years ago Sunderland was a dominant force, winning six top-flight titles and finishing runner up an additional five times. They also have two FA Cup trophies to their name. Sunderland has struggled to stay in the Premier League lately, often pulling off Houdini-lke escapes to avoid relegation. But is their luck running out? Betting on, or against Sunderland, can be a fruitful endeavor as long as you do your research and pickt the right bet types at the right time. [+]

Sunderland still possesses the grit and determination required to survive in the Premier League and, with lucrative TV deals provided for Premier League teams, will do everything in their power to remain in one of the world’s most prestigious leagues. 

Best Sunderland Sportsbook Odds

The details for Sunderland’s next match up is displayed below along with the most up to date betting lines available.  [+]

Please note that betting lines change constantly, anything from injuries and weather can effect the line, so make sure you stay up to date on team news from both camps heading into the game. 


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Sunderland Game Schedule

Sunderland’s game schedule is found below. This is perhaps the most useful tool available, particularly for a team like Sunderland. [+]

Sunderland are one of the weaker sides in the Premier League. They struggle year on year, so betting opportunities on the money line can be few and far between.

Use the calendar to identify potential favorable match ups early. Look for home games when Sunderland are in form and scoring. 


Results / FixturesSunderland

Sunderland Standings Today

The standings do not always tell the whole story, but for a team like Sunderland they can be particularly relevant. [+]

Sunderland find themselves in a fight to stay up year on year in the Premier League. The pressure will be on if they are in the relegation zone towards the end of the season, so expect them to thrive under intense pressure and pull off performances that would otherwise be seen as miraculous. But for how long can Sunderland pull off the grand escape? Their luck could be running out. 



How To Make Money Betting On Sunderland

Making money betting on Sunderland is done by focusing on a game-by-game basis. Sunderland has an innate ability to survive so backing them to avoid relegation is the best futures bet to take. 

Jermain Defoe is one of the main reasons Sunderland is still in the Premier League. Defoe scored 15 goals for a very poor side. Defoe’s resurgence even had people speaking about the striker as a possible England selection for Euro 2016. He is a lethal finisher, and despite getting on in years, still possesses great pace and match sharpness. 

Sunderland’s main weakness is its porous defense. Sunderland conceded 68 goals in the 2015/16 campaign, which equates to 1.63 per game. Sunderland concedes goals consistently so we suggest leaning toward the overs market. Jermaine Defoe is always capable of scoring, further cementing our recommendation to take the over. 

We happily recommend all of the sports books below. They offer great lines, lots of markets and some of the best promotions in the business. Simply choose one you like, sign up and start making your selections. 

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