What Are The Premier League Standings Today

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Some of the most prestigious clubs in the whole world call the Premier League home — Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham, among others. With that, the league’s rivalries are among the most contentious in all of sports.

It all makes for an entertainment spectacle as the league standings constantly shift back-and-forth on a weekly basis. You’ll see that in our table below, which is updated in real-time. The final pecking order between the 20 EPL teams has huge implications.

For one, whoever finishes atop the table at years-end will be crowned the league champion, effectively cashing in Premier League title betting tickets for some. Moreover, the top four clubs qualify for the Champions League, while fifth and sixth place gets a bid to Europa League. And on the other end of the spectrum, the bottom-three teams are automatically relegated to the second-tier EFL Championship.

Knowing those all-too-important implications, it would be smart of you to weigh current standings heavily when making a bet. Believe us, clubs have this in the back of their mind at all times, too. You can learn a lot about a team’s mental state by being hyper-aware of their place on the table.


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Premier League
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English Premier League Betting Tips

Making money is the end-goal of every single bettor. Of course, doing so is easier said than done. After all, we're at the whim of hundreds of players and coaches. Nonetheless, it's certainly possible to achieve. As you chase this goal, we wanted to share a few English Premier League betting tips that we've hard-learned over the years.

Look Past Club Prestige

As we mentioned before, the Premier League features six of the world's most-renown clubs. While the "big six" certainly have a history of success, you can't let that storied reputation cloud your present-day judgment.

While Man United has won a record-amount of league titles, that matters zilch if you were to bet on them today. Obviously, you're gambling on the present-day team, not the rosters of old that included the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo or Ryan Giggs.

This might sound obvious now, but it's a mistake we see all too often repeated, especially from newer bettors. Simply put, soccer matches aren't won on paper, reputation, or brand-name recognition.

Instead, evaluate a team by its performance in recent games. Look closely at the stat sheet and injury report. Are they on the incline or decline? How do its strengths and weaknesses fare against its opponent? The answers to these questions are valuable fodder while wagering.

Never Be Above A Draw

This instruction is geared especially for bettors based in the United States. For whatever reason, a draw is a cardinal seen within the sports culture of the country.

Between the country's four most-popular sports — football, basketball, baseball, and ice hockey — it's not possible to end in a draw, aside from the NFL (which even then, is exceptionally rare). Perhaps cause of this, many scoff at the idea of a soccer match ending in a tie.

More times than not, that same mentality carries over into gambling. When it comes to three-way moneylines or double-chance bets, many refuse to consider a draw as a possible outcome.

Spoiler alert: it's not only possible, but draws are in-fact regular happenings. Being "too good" to bet a draw is not only foolish, but it can also cost you money in the long run.

Have A Season-Long Strategy

Strategy is the name of the game in soccer. No, that doesn't just apply to club coaches, but bettors, too.

See, you need to create a plan of attack whilst betting on Premier League. For instance, you might decide early on you'll become an expert on the London-based teams — Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, and West Ham. After all, it's easier to keep close tabs on them than the entire slate of 20.

Cause of a strategy like this, you'll know those teams in and out — its playing habits, shortcomings, travel woes, etc. Suddenly, you're a much-more informed gambler whenever these four teams take the pitch.

That's just one example, but another includes starting the season with small wagers. Then slowly upping the stakes later in the year once you've established a "feel" for the league.

While we can't create this betting strategy for you, we know formulating one will pay off big-time. So have a plan, adjust it as needed, and attack betting with a purpose. 

Welp, that does it for our EPL betting guide. We covered a lot of ground, but this is all essential information to learning how to succeed while betting on the league.

If you're ready for the real thing, visit one of the online sportsbooks below. Signing up at anyone is quick and easy so you'll be off the races in no time. Good luck!