The pinnacle of club soccer competitions is, without a shadow of a doubt, the UEFA Champions League, a competition that pits the very best teams from Europe’s top divisions in a melting pot of excitement. Betting on the Champions League continues to be extremely popular thanks to the matches of the elite clubs being beamed around the globe as Champions League fever grips soccer fans. Will you be joining them in betting on the Champions League? Don’t miss a minute of the exciting action. [+]

With a 32-team group stage and 16-team knockout phase, not to mention qualification rounds prior to the group stage, you have so many opportunities to bet on the UEFA Champions League.

Most of the big money bets go on the bigger, more well-known teams such as the 10-time winners Real Madrid, their Spanish rivals Barcelona, or the likes of German giants Bayern Munich or Italy’s Juventus.

You can bet on individual matches, who will top a specific group, who will progress to the next round, the eventual Champions League winners, and a whole lot more besides. Before you invest your money with an online sports betting site, make sure you read out guide to sportsbooks for Champions League fixtures.


Best Champions League Sportsbook Odds

You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a sports betting site that accepts wagers on the Champions League, but who has the best Champions League betting odds?

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What Are The Champions League Standings Today

Want to know if Real Madrid are top of their group, or if Liverpool need consecutive wins to progress? You will find the Champions League standings below.

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How To Make Money Betting On Champions League

The biggest, most-popular teams competing in the Champions League usually have short odds, especially during the group stages where many lesser teams are still in the competition. This makes them ripe for adding to a parlay bet in an attempt to win big in preparation for the knockout phase. The results then become slightly harder to predict the outcome of.

If you are thinking about betting on who will win the Champions League it’s worth getting your wagers locked in early. That way you’ll get the best possible returns.

Teams that have historically performed well in the Champions League tend to consistently put in a good effort. Look at the records of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City, Juventus, and Bayern Munich, all of whom are regular features in the Champions League and majorly influence where the coveted trophy calls home for the next season.

As will all soccer betting, the more successful bettors spend some time researching the teams they are about to bet on. Do not only check form in the Champions League, but also in a team’s domestic league because the latter is a better indicator of how a side will perform once the Champions League anthem plays around the stadium.

And don’t underestimate the importance of home field advantage. Champions League sides have die-hard support, their respective stadiums loud and difficult to play in. Take into consideration this key factor when conducting your research.