Manchester City football club has spent the majority of its days in the shadow of fellow Manchester club, United. In 1981 Manchester City lost in the FA Cup final, went on a rapid decline and were relegated all the way down to the third tier of the English divisions for the first time in history. They regained Premier League status in 2000. In 2008 the club became one of the wealthiest in the world overnight when it was purchased by Abu Dhabi United Group. The club has won six major honours since 2011, including two Premier League titles. [+]

They are yet to win the coveted Champions League. The massive investment from Abu Dhabi Group United has given City the opportunity to entice big-name players to Manchester. 


Best Man City Sportsbook Odds

You will find below the most up to date betting lines and other match details for Manchester City’s next game.  [+]

City are dominant home and away when they are in good form. Look to catch them on a good run and back the overs regularly.


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Man City Game Schedule

You will find the Manchester City calender below, accompanied by each game’s betting lines. Use it to plan your bets ahead while analysing the data from previous results.  [+]

Remember that a team like Manchester City will be competing in numerous competitions throughout the season. Be aware that City will have upcoming fixtures in Europe. In these instances they will likely rest big players for league matches, so make sure to check the lineups before placing your wagers. 


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Man City Standings Today

The English Premier League is one of the most competitive leagues in the world. Keep an eye on the standings below throughout the season to see how City are performing. [+]

Expect City to be challenging for the title and Champions League positions each and every year. These make great futures plays due to the strength and depth of their squad.



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How To Make Money Betting On Man. City

Look to back the over more often than not when bettign on City. They are absolutely devastating in attack, leading to some lopsided scorelines so keep your eye on the spread too. Both of these can be very profitable long-term plays.

As you'd expect from a Pep Guardiola team, City scores for fun and at will. City scored the third most goals in the top flight in 2016-17, 80. Though they made many mistakes at the back, City still managed to ensure their defense was the third best in England. 

City, even though they finished third in the 2016-17 season, did not play to their potential. Many games were lost due to poor defending and shaky goalkeeping. Pep Guardiola had no intention of shifting his offensive gameplan, which cost him - and City - in a few pivotal games.

At home, City weren't as prolific as we've come to expect, finishing with the sixth best record. They took 40 from 57 home points and only lost once. But, like their cross-city rivals, City dropped points on too many draws, seven to be exact.  

It was a different story away from home, though. City were dominant on their travels, finishing the 2016-17 season with the second best away record. Only Chelsea, the Premier League champions, had a better away record. 

Look for City to be in the hunt for future Premier League titles, especially as they will improve their home form. That buoyed with their bottomless pockets makes for a great futures bet in all competitions. They are bound to win at least one trophy, so hedge your bets and put a few dollars down on them winning each competition. 

Sergio Aguero is perpetually one of City's standout players. Spanish maestro David Silva is the team's most creative player. Those two players, along with Kevin De Bruyne, are crucial to Manchester City's success. 

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