Swansea have a long history and, in recent years, have teared through the leagues and shocked many along the way. They belong in the Premier League and look to stay there for a long time to come. Swansea, back in 1982, were on the brink of winning the Division 1 title, which at the time was the highest league in English soccer. Swansea crumbled and the resulting decline was long and painful. The club narrowly avoided relegation into the football conference back in 2003, but have since turned it around completely. [+]

Swansea was promoted to the Premier League in 2011, where they have established themselves as a permanent fixture. That title was threatened in 2016-17, when the club was almost relegated into the Championship. However, a turnaround of the ages ensured Swansea will stay in the Premier League. 

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Swansea narrowly avoided relegation in 2016-17 so it will be interesting to see how the rebound in coming seasons. Track their current progress below. 


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Swansea, in 2016-17, endured the most inconsistent season since joining the Premier League. They were shockingly bad during the first half of the season, which was demonstrated further by the revolving door of managers, most of which departed just as fast as they arrived. 

Things turned around when the club hired Paul Clement, whose international experience was exactly what the Welsh club needed. Clement inspired his team to play with confidence and belief, while solidifying things at the back. They played with more desire, but also knew when to remain disciplined. 

No matter how good Clement is, Swansea's success depends on their best player and leader, Gylfi Sigurdsson. Swansea's fate is in the balance if Sigurdsson leaves for pastures anew. He is a crucial player in Swansea's composition, the team relying too heavily on his offensive production. 

Fernando Llorente is a strong attacking option for Swansea. He has the ability to score goals in bundles, particularly of the aerial nature. But he needs precise deliveries from a setup man, such as Sigurdsson. 

Swansea can thank their 11th best home record for maintaining their all-coveted Premier League status. Had it not been for the club's eight home wins, Swansea would be suiting up for Championship action. However, like any teams on the bubble, something has to give. That was Swansea's poor away record. Though, in comparison to other bottom feeders, Swansea's away form wasn't too bad. 

They finished with the seventh worst away record, earning 14 points from a possible 57. Those kind of numbers aren't great, but they're also not bad enough to merit relegation. But make no mistake about it, Swansea were, before Clement took charge, on their way down. 

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