Tottenham Hotspur, or Spurs, are one of the most successful clubs in England in recent seasons. In the pre-Premier League era, Spurs were one of the most decorated clubs in English soccer. They were the first club to achieve a league and cup title in one season, known as the double, and were also the first club in English soccer to win a UEFA tournament. They went onto be the first club to win two UEFA competitions. However, with the arrival of big money in the Premier League, Spurs struggled – at that point – to keep up. [+]

They were soon surpassed by other clubs, most notably Arsenal, who are based just down the road in North London. The head-to-head fixtures between the two are known as the North London Derby and are some of the most highly anticipated and hotly-contested games in the Premier League.

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Spurs are much stronger at home than on the road, so try and pick out home gams with appealing odds to maximize your returns.

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The soccer season is long and grueling and there is lots of information to absorb. Take the time to study the schedule below and read on to find out what to do with it.

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Tottenham are expected to at least challenge for a top-four spot in coming seasons. Keep track of their progress and find out whether they’ll also challenge for the title.  


How To Make Money Betting On Tottenham

Tottenham have been the best team in the Premier League since 2015, but don't have any silverware to show for it. That's extremely disconcerting for Spurs' supporters and those associated with the north London club. However, they are the youngest team in the Premier League and still have boundless potential.

If they don't make an even bigger splash in 2017-18, people fear the squad might get dismantled by juggernaut teams paying extortionate fees for their players. For now, though, Tottenham are one of the best future market bets out there.

They don't spend as much as other teams in their realm - Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool - but have the kind of chemistry rarely seen in modern soccer. Also, Mauricio Pochettino is a true motivator, and always gets the best out of his players, particularly the youngest of the group.

Spurs have absolutely no trouble filling the opposition net, particularly at home. They had the best offense in the league in 2016-17, scoring 86 goals - 47 of which coming at White Hart Lane. To go along with the most prolific attack, Spurs also had the best home record in the league. Incredibly, Tottenham didn't lose a single match at home and finished the season with 53 from a possible 57 points. 

Their defense was even more impressive at home. Spurs conceded only nine goals in 19 home matches, less than one every two games. Chelsea, to put that into context, allowed eight more goals on home soild. So don't blindly back the over in Spurs' home games, as they very rarely concede goals. 

Find out first how they adapt to playing at Wembley in the upcoming season before putting your faith in their home record. They haven't performed well of late at the national stadium so wait to see if that will be a continuing trend. 

If this team has a weakness, it comes in the form of their away performances. It was their comparatively average away record that cost this team the Premier League title. Tottenham had the fifth best home record, gaining 33 of a possible 57 away points. They'll have to improve that record markedly to have any chance of winning the title in 2017-18. 

Spurs also draw too many matches. They lost one less game than Chelsea in 2016-17 but tied eight, five more than their London rivals. 

This team is due for some silverware. The question is whether it will come in the FA Cup, the Premier League or the Champions League. They still don't have enough experience to win the Champions League so that leaves the FA Cup or the Premier League. Put a few dollars down on both as this has to be the season Spurs win a trophy. Either that or it could be a long wait for the north Londoners. 

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