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No one can say with absolute certainty when and where the game of hockey was officially created. The Canadian cities of Montreal, Kingston, Ont. and Windsor, N.S. all lay claim to the title as the birthplace of hockey. But let the historians debate that subject. What matters most of all is that the game was invented, and what a game it has evolved to be today. Offered to the world by Canadians, hockey gives its fans the best of all the sporting worlds – the pace of basketball, the strategy of baseball, the violent brutality of football and the flow of soccer. And you can enjoy the same sort of fast-paced excitiment by betting on this great game.

Best Hockey Sportsbook Odds

When wagering on hockey is your objective, you must take into account a variety of factors. National Hockey League teams play a demanding 82-game schedule. [+]

And it’s packed into a span of less than 200 days, so that means a game is played by a team almost every 48 hours. With 30 teams spread out across North America, long, gruelling road trips are part of every team’s dance card. Knowing when teams are playing the second game in as many nights, or their third game in four nights and perhaps thinking about giving their back-up goalie a start are facets of the game that can impact wagering. In such a hard-hitting sport, key injuries are another frequently occurring element that can take a toll during a team’s season. Do your studying, stay informed and your chances of being a successful bettor increase significantly.

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Switzerland NLA
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Away Score Home Money Line
Thursday 06 April
FT Langenthal 2 - 4 Ambri +190 -250 Odds
Saturday 08 April
AOT Ambri 2 - 1 Langenthal -125 -105 Odds
Tuesday 11 April
AOT Langenthal 1 - 2 Ambri +205 -278 Odds
Thursday 13 April
FT Ambri 2 - 0 Langenthal -125 -110 Odds

How To Make Money Betting On Hockey

Know the intracacies of the hockey standings and you will dramatically increase the odds of making money betting on hockey. The daily standings are a one-stop shopping experience for the prospective hockey bettor.

Here you will see where each team is situated in the overall picture prior to their engaging in a game against each other. Beyond that obvious data, the standings reveal much information about every team. Are they a high-scoring team or do they need to play it close to the vest because goals come at a premium for them?

Can they protect their net from a puck invasion, or are they a team that is susceptible to allowing a high percentage of goals and therefore unlikely to be able to protect a lead? Look for trends in the standings. Which teams are a riding a hot streak?

Which teams are skidding into a slump? Know the head-to-head records of teams. Some teams simply can’t win in certain road destinations and they are stretches where a team will go years without enjoying any success in an opposing rink.

Special teams are a vital part of hockey and teams that can produce consistently on the power play will be successful in garnering victories far more often than a team that struggles to score with the man advantage. Keep track of this information and it will open windows to you that will lead to successful wagering opportunities.