Baseball is all about tradition. The Super Bowl didn’t begin until 1967, while the NBA’s roots only run back to the 1940s. But the first World Series games between Boston and Pittsburgh were played in 1903, more than a decade prior to the outbreak of World War I. More than a century later, the best part of the warmer months is still watching the boys of summer take to the diamond. It’s been called the national pastime and what could possibly be more enjoyable on a warm summer’s day than to chill at the ballpark and take in a game? [+]

The timelessness of baseball is the perfect marriage for a laid back summer of relaxation, hot dog in one hand, cold one in the other, your scorecard at the ready as you keep track of the play by play unfolding in front of you. 

You know what would make this day at the ballyard even more perfect? A vested interest. Maybe a little bit of a wager on the outcome of the game, just to make things all the more interesting.


Best Baseball Sportsbook Odds

Have a look at the below game odds for baseball, and specifically, the MLB. Use it frequently as it will help massively in your quest to make winning wagers. [+]

The crack of the bat. The thud of a pitch as it slams into the catcher’s mitt. John Fogerty singing Centerfield. These are the sounds of baseball. Popcorn. Peanuts. Cracker Jack. Hot dogs. These are the smells of baseball.

The Sultan Of Swat. The Splendid Splinter. Hammerin’ Hank. The Big Train. They are the legends of baseball.

The game of baseball always tips its cap to its own history. A chess game played on grass with nine pieces per team – 10 in the American League, when you factor in the designated hitter – baseball is a sport that is uniquely fair. The team in the lead is not permitted to run out the clock. They must put the ball in play and offer the opposition the opportunity to stage a rally and come back.

From a betting standpoint, this can work in your favor, because it means even if they are down, your team isn’t out until they run out of outs.

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Away Score Home Money Line
Monday 01 July
FT Kansas City Royals 4 - 11 Toronto Blue Jays
FT Chicago Cubs 5 - 18 Pittsburgh Pirates
FT Milwaukee Brewers 8 - 6 Cincinnati Reds
FT Baltimore Orioles 3 - 6 Tampa Bay Rays
Ppd Los Angeles Angels 20:05 Texas Rangers
FT Giants 13 - 2 San Diego Padres
Tuesday 02 July
FT Miami Marlins 2 - 3 Nationals
FT Chicago Cubs 1 - 5 Pittsburgh Pirates
FT Boston Red Sox 10 - 6 Toronto Blue Jays
FT Baltimore Orioles 3 - 6 Tampa Bay Rays
FT New York Yankees 2 - 4 New York Mets
AEI Milwaukee Brewers 4 - 5 Cincinnati Reds
FT Phillies 2 - 0 Atlanta Braves
FT Los Angeles Angels 9 - 4 Texas Rangers
FT Houston Astros 9 - 8 Colorado Rockies
FT Cleveland Indians 9 - 5 Kansas City Royals
FT Minnesota Twins 6 - 8 Oakland Athletics
FT Giants 10 - 4 San Diego Padres
FT Diamondbacks 4 - 5 Los Angeles Dodgers
FT St. Louis Cardinals 4 - 5 Seattle Mariners
Wednesday 03 July
Detroit Tigers 14:10 Chicago White Sox +129 -137
Miami Marlins 18:05 Nationals
Chicago Cubs 19:05 Pittsburgh Pirates
Boston Red Sox 19:07 Toronto Blue Jays
Baltimore Orioles 19:10 Tampa Bay Rays
New York Yankees 19:10 New York Mets
Milwaukee Brewers 19:10 Cincinnati Reds
Phillies 19:20 Atlanta Braves
Los Angeles Angels 20:05 Texas Rangers
Detroit Tigers 20:10 Chicago White Sox
Houston Astros 20:10 Colorado Rockies
Cleveland Indians 20:15 Kansas City Royals
Minnesota Twins 21:07 Oakland Athletics
Giants 21:10 San Diego Padres
Diamondbacks 22:10 Los Angeles Dodgers
St. Louis Cardinals 22:10 Seattle Mariners
Thursday 04 July
Miami Marlins 11:05 Nationals
Cleveland Indians 13:15 Kansas City Royals
Detroit Tigers 14:10 Chicago White Sox
Milwaukee Brewers 14:10 Cincinnati Reds
Chicago Cubs 16:05 Pittsburgh Pirates
Minnesota Twins 16:07 Oakland Athletics
St. Louis Cardinals 16:10 Seattle Mariners
New York Yankees 17:10 Tampa Bay Rays
Boston Red Sox 19:07 Toronto Blue Jays
Phillies 19:20 Atlanta Braves
Los Angeles Angels 20:05 Texas Rangers
San Diego Padres 21:10 Los Angeles Dodgers
Friday 05 July
Milwaukee Brewers 19:05 Pittsburgh Pirates
Kansas City Royals 19:05 Nationals
Baltimore Orioles 19:07 Toronto Blue Jays
Phillies 19:10 New York Mets
Boston Red Sox 19:10 Detroit Tigers
New York Yankees 19:10 Tampa Bay Rays
Miami Marlins 19:20 Atlanta Braves
Texas Rangers 20:10 Minnesota Twins
Los Angeles Angels 20:10 Houston Astros
Colorado Rockies 21:10 Diamondbacks
Oakland Athletics 22:10 Seattle Mariners
San Diego Padres 22:10 Los Angeles Dodgers
St. Louis Cardinals 22:15 Giants
Saturday 06 July
Texas Rangers 14:10 Minnesota Twins
Baltimore Orioles 15:07 Toronto Blue Jays
Kansas City Royals 16:05 Nationals
Milwaukee Brewers 16:05 Pittsburgh Pirates
New York Yankees 16:10 Tampa Bay Rays
Miami Marlins 16:10 Atlanta Braves
Cleveland Indians 16:10 Cincinnati Reds
Boston Red Sox 16:10 Detroit Tigers
Los Angeles Angels 19:15 Houston Astros
Phillies 19:15 New York Mets
Chicago Cubs 19:15 Chicago White Sox
St. Louis Cardinals 22:05 Giants
San Diego Padres 22:10 Los Angeles Dodgers
Colorado Rockies 22:10 Diamondbacks
Oakland Athletics 22:10 Seattle Mariners
Sunday 07 July
Baltimore Orioles 13:07 Toronto Blue Jays
Phillies 13:10 New York Mets
New York Yankees 13:10 Tampa Bay Rays
Cleveland Indians 13:10 Cincinnati Reds
Boston Red Sox 13:10 Detroit Tigers
Miami Marlins 13:20 Atlanta Braves
Kansas City Royals 13:35 Nationals
Milwaukee Brewers 13:35 Pittsburgh Pirates
Texas Rangers 14:10 Minnesota Twins
Los Angeles Angels 14:10 Houston Astros
Chicago Cubs 14:10 Chicago White Sox
St. Louis Cardinals 16:05 Giants
Colorado Rockies 16:10 Diamondbacks
Oakland Athletics 16:10 Seattle Mariners
San Diego Padres 16:10 Los Angeles Dodgers
Friday 27 September
Detroit Tigers 19:40 Chicago White Sox

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For decades, baseball was a winner-take-all sport. You had to win your league – the American or the National – in order to reach the post-season and play for the World Series. That changed in 1969 when each league was split into two divisions – East and West – and the winners of each division would playoff for their league’s pennant.

Today, with three divisions winners and two wildcard teams in each league, playoff possibilities are much more bountiful. While purists felt the orginal format made baseball unique because only the best got the chance to play for the right to say they were No. 1, today’s playoff races are a boon for both the popularity of the sport and the opportunity to find significant games for wagering purposes all season long.

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