The passion, the fury, the intensity. There is nothing in sports that compares to the Stanley Cup playoffs. Four rounds to earn the right to lift Lord Stanley’s mug, every series of each round a best-of-seven war. You don’t win the Stanley Cup as much as you surrender your blood, sweat and tears in order to garner the chance to say that you are a champion. To win the Stanley Cup is to have your mettle tested to its utmost Every player on the winning team gets their name inscribed on the base of the Cup because after what they’ve been through, they deserve it.

Best NHL Playoff Sportsbook Odds

The lure of the Stanley Cup is its lore. Players will play with broken bones – in the 1964 Stanley Cup final, Toronto defenseman Bob Baun scored an overtime winner playing on a broken ankle. [+]

Detroit’s Brent Gilchrist skated through the 1998 playoffs with a groin torn so badly that eventually the muscle was pulled completely off the bone. Often, the next stop for a player from a winning squad following the Stanley Cup parade is a trip to the hospital.

While players are willing to sacrifice it all in order to win the Cup, thankfully wagering on Stanley Cup games isn’t nearly as painful a process. If you follow along during the course of a series, patterns will become obvious as one team exacts its will on the other, and that’s when the smart money is played.

How To Make Money Betting On NHL Playoffs

If you want to succeed in NHL betting on the Stanley Cup playoffs, doing your homework is of paramount importance. Fortunately, if you are willing to put the time in there’s plenty of data available for your perusal.

For example, prior to a series, study the recent history of the two teams in head-to-head meetings. Is either team showing dominance over the other? Do one team’s group of core players put up significant numbers against their next playoff opponent? Generally, that sort of output isn’t a coincidence.

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Some teams are better suited for playing a long, drawn-out series than others. Big, heavy teams with skill will almost always get the better of a smaller skilled team in a playoff series.

And always know your goaltenders. Goalies with a tradition of taking their game up a notch in the playoffs can make the difference in a closely matched series.

For those of you looking for other betting opportunities in the NHL, be sure to check out the NHL All-Star betting when it comes around in the Spring.

NHL Sportsbooks FAQs

How do I get in NHL Playoff betting?

Easily. All you need to do is follow our complete guide to NHL betting here and we’ll set you on your way.

Who won the Stanley Cup in 2023?

Vegas Golden Knights defeated the Eastern Conference champion Florida Panthers four games to one.

How do I make a deposit?

Each bookmaker offers its own means of depositing funds, but for the most part, deposits are made using debit/credit cards or now using the in-demand cryptocurrency.

How long does a withdrawal take?

This really depends on the payment method in question. But, for those that won betting on the NHL Playoffs, you should receive your funds anywhere between 1min and 5 days.

Is NHL Playoffs betting legal?

In terms of the bookmakers we’ve suggested here today, every one of those is legal and offers some excellent betting lines NHL Playoff series