Formula 1 has turned into an international sport, with the expansion of the number of races and now with almost half the races taking place outside of Europe, the home of the sport. Formula 1 betting has also grown in recent years, with many online players seeing it as one of the go-to sports to wager on each season. Sports betting for Formula 1 hasn’t gone unnoticed by the best sportsbook providers, with many now offering F1 betting odds and a broad range of F1 betting lines for customers to enjoy.

Championship Driver Odds 2022 Bovada MyBookie GTBets
Max Verstappen -525 -525 -550
Charles Leclerc +650 +625 +600
Sergio Perez +3300 +3300 +3300
George Russell +5000 +5000 +5000
Lewis Hamilton +6600 +6600 +6600
Carlos Sainz +10000 +10000 +10000

Among all the motorsports betting markets, F1 betting has become one of the most popular markets and we are seeing a rise in the number of players across the top-tier sportsbooks annually. The international stage has been a catalyst in the surge of interest in basketball worldwide.

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We will help to provide an analysis of the latest F1 odds and guide our readers on how to bet on Formula 1. So, if you’re new to sports betting on Formula 1, you’ve certainly come to the right place! Throughout this guide, we’ll provide you with the basics of F1 betting and include some of the best online sportsbooks offering competitive odds and tips!

Online Formula 1 Betting

F1 Calendar

The 2022 season will include 23 races in total, with many of those race circuits now situated outside of Europe as the sport expands its reach across the globe.

  • March 10-12th: Bahrain Grand Prix
  • March 25-27th: Saudi Arabian Grand Prix
  • April 22-24th: Italian Grand Prix
  • May 20-22nd: Spanish Grand Prix
  • May 27-29th: Monaco Grand Prix
  • June 10-12th: Azerbaijan Grand Prix
  • June 11-13th: Canadian Grand Prix
  • June 17-19th: French Grand Prix
  • July 2-4th: Austrian Grand Prix
  • July 9-10th: Great Britain Grand Prix
  • July 29-31st: Hungary Grand Prix
  • October 7-9th: Japanese Grand Prix
  • October 23rd: American Grand Prix
  • October 28-30th: Mexican Grand Prix
  • November 11-13th: Brazilian Grand Prix
  • November 18-20th: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Formula 1 Drivers and Teams 2022

Much like we’ve seen in the past, the 2021 season will feature 20 drivers representing 10 different motor racing teams. Many expect the Mercedes and Red Bull teams to perform the best, but we shall see!

  • Mercedes – Lewis Hamilton
  • Mercedes – Valtteri Bottas
  • Alpine – Esteban Ocon
  • Alpine – Fernando Alonso
  • Haas – Mick Schumacher
  • Haas – Nikita Mazepin
  • McLaren – Lando Norris
  • McLaren – Daniel Ricciardo
  • Alfa Romero – Kimi Raikkonen
  • Alfa Romero – Antonio Giovinazzi
  • Red Bull Racing – Max Verstappen
  • Red Bull Racing – Sergio Perez
  • Aston Martin – Lance Stroll
  • Aston Martin – Sebastian Vettel
  • Ferrari – Charles LeClerc
  • Ferrari – Carlos Sainz
  • AlphaTauri – Pierre Gasley
  • AlphaTauri – Yuki Tsunoda
  • Williams – George Russell
  • Williams – Nicholas Latifi

With the majority of top-tier sportsbooks, bettors will find three main types of bets. As there are only 23 races in the 2021 championship, there are limited betting opportunities when compared to the NHL, which features some 82 games during the regular season. The main F1 betting lines are as follows:

  • Moneyline wagers on each race
  • Championship winners odds
  • Constructors championship winners odds

These markets offer a great deal of value and opportunities to capitalize on the highly competitive online formula 1 betting lines. While it’s possible that each sportsbook will offer a unique version of what F1 odds and betting lines, they will all most likely follow a similar pattern of betting options to what we listed above.

To make life easier for bettors we’ve put together a top-four list that offers information on the very best sportsbooks for betting on Formula 1 each season. So, let’s get down to the brass tacks.


recomended formula 1

Recommended Formula 1 Betting Sites

Check out the best Formula 1 betting sites available to US bettors.

Excellent Mobile Betting Interface — BetUS

BetUS’s main selling point is its sportsbook, which has been the driving force behind the growing popularity of this excellent US provider. The sportsbook is best delivered now through its unparalleled mobile betting interface. Customers will find the user-friendly setup on-site very attractive, allowing players to compile parlays, teasers, and many other betting lines with ease.

The design is quite simplistic, which is what makes it so good as often sportsbooks get carried away with design and lose track of what really adds value to an online sportsbook. The basic design makes navigation clear and the layout helps to avoid distractions elsewhere on the screen. Formula 1 betting fans will recognize this and enjoy the use of a search toolbar to narrow down results and find the right market for them.

For a Broad Selection of Formula 1 Betting Options — Bovada

When it comes to Bovada, if you're from the United States and familiar at all with online betting, you recognize that name. That's because it's perhaps the most-popular used offshore betting site used among U.S. players.

Bovada has established itself as one of the biggest players in the game, due to an almost endless list of betting options, which only seems to be getting bigger. The simplicity of the site is something that keeps bringing bettors back, as well as attracting new players.

Bovada’s list of popular betting options makes it easy to find the right bet for you - every time. This is much the same for Formula 1 betting odds. Bovada has recognized the growing demand for the king of motorsports and provides an abundance of odds for each circuit, as well as a great range of futures on the constructors and championship title races. Stick with a trusted bookmaker like these guys.

Excellent Sign-Up Bonus — BetOnline

While it’s nothing new that a top bookmaker provides a competitive sign-up bonus, BetOnline separates itself from others when it comes to first-deposit offers. First-time players will receive a staggering 50% Bonus Up To $2,500, which is a huge amount of extra funds for bettors to enjoy.

Regarding Formula 1 odds, BetOnline knows the market and has made a commitment to providing the most competitive lines and odds on the market - which they have fulfilled. Not only does it offer futures odds as early as the very best Vegas oddsmakers, but also rewards customers for loyalty. Be sure to check out BetOnline if you’re looking to play the F1 odds.

Outstanding Reputation — MyBookie

Youngblood when compared to the other top-flight providers, MyBookie is always worth a mention. With an array of great bonuses, MyBookie rewards customers that come to play with lucrative signup bonuses, as well as seasonal offers.

The outstanding reputation that they’ve built over the years is something F1 bettors will recognize immediately, as MyBookie offers a wide range of betting lines to players. You can’t go wrong with this provider or any of our three other F1 betting odds providers we’ve mentioned already.

See below the top sportsbooks where you can wager online and choose the best one for you:

Formula 1 Betting FAQs

  • What types of F1 bets are there?

    You can bet on the winner, the top three, or even head-to-head matchups just between two drivers.

  • What are the best Formula 1 betting sites?

    We recommend great US Formula 1 betting sites on this page, such as BetOnline.

  • What is the best Formula 1 betting strategy?

    Check out the underdog betting strategy as one great option. Interested in more? We have plenty of them here on this page.

  • Where do I find the best F1 odds?

    You can check back here for the latest F1 odds.

  • Is Formula 1 betting profitable?

    With the right strategy and bankroll management, you can make a profit on F1 betting.