With its storied history and global reach, tennis very well might be the most popular individual sport in the whole world. Its superstars — Serena, Roger, Nadal, Andre — are known on a one-name basis. This dichotomy, plus the fact that tennis is played year-round, makes the sport a favorite among bettors. Knowing this demand, tennis betting sites 

Over the course of this guide, we’ll serve you all the must-know information about tennis betting. That includes getting the best sportsbook odds, tennis betting rules, and best-value tips we’ve accumulated over the years.

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Online Tennis Betting Sites

Betting opportunities in tennis are absolutely abundant. The sport’s two leading circuits — the ATP (men) and WTA (women) — have events almost weekly. Most of these tournaments take place in different parts of the world so playing times can be at any hour of the day. Either way, tennis bettors will realistically have something to bet on most days (and this doesn’t even account for other pro leagues).

To keep up with all the action, you’ll need an online tennis betting sites that you can wager on anytime, anywhere. While the Internet isn’t lacking with bookie options, there are a few that stand out in terms of performance. Here are our best tennis betting sites recommendations:


Whether you’re gambling in tennis or any other sport, Bovada really brings it. The betting site has one of the largest betting catalogs in the entire industry.

At Bovada, you’ll find the full gamut of tennis wagers — moneylines, spreads, futures, in-play, etc (for novice players, we’ll cover in-detail these bet types later). This applies to ATP and WTA tournaments, plus even table tennis if that’s your thing.

The betting on tennis coverage at Bovada is especially high during the Grand Slam tourneys — the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open. These four majors draw bettors, both casual and hardcore, out of the woodwork. During these peak moments, Bovada will have a bevy of lines for all events, whether that be the men, womens, singles, or doubles outings.


A lot of what we said about Bovada also applies to BetOnline. Its tennis selection isn’t lacking by any stretch of the imagination. Odds are consistently available at BetOnline throughout the year.

But here’s where BetOnline differs from Bovada greatly — its welcome bonus. New players of BetOnline can earn as much as $1000 in free play from its sign-up deal. BetOnline will match bettor’s first deposit into the sportsbook by 50 percent (so you’ll need to insert at least $2000 to earn the max bonus).

A sign-up promotion like that is not chump change at all. In fact, it’s a great way to build your bankroll for a long tennis wagering season. And believe us, tennis betting is a marathon, not a sprint.


Remember how mentioned tennis gambling is a year-round sport? Welp, a sportsbook with a loyalty program would suit you well in that endeavor. Enter BetDSI into the picture.

Every single time you bet on BetDSI — whether that be on tennis, another sport, or even inside its casino — you’ll rack up BetPoints. How much of these points you earn will earmark you for different loyalty tiers (Gold, Platinum, and Diamond). At each level, you’ll gain unique benefits.

Best of all, BetPoints can be flipped into cashback and freely used through the site or withdrawn altogether. Think of it this way: with BetDSI’s rewards program, you’re literally being paid to play. That should appeal to you if you’re planning to bet tennis over the long haul.


What we really like about GTBets is it has elements of all three sportsbooks that we just recommended. First and foremost, its tennis betting online menu is deep akin to Bovada. You’ll find odds for tennis events across different continents — the Americas, Australia, and Europe.

Two, it has big-buck promotions of their own. New signees can receive a bonus on their first two deposits, and when maxed out, the deal can reach $750 in free play. There’s also a bonus on account re-ups.

Lastly, GTBets too has a rewards program. Officially dubbed “GameTimeRewards”, prizes include cashback, sweepstakes entries, merchandise, and a bunch more.

Put everything together and GTBets is a solid bookie option for betting tennis. It’s an all-in-one package that proves itself as one of the best tennis betting site.


BetUS Sportsbook launched its sports betting operations in 2000. Alongside diverse sports betting markets, users can explore unique opportunities like betting on the Olympics or the stock market. In this BetUS review, we highlight its standout features.

BetUS offers generous bonuses, including a free play worth up to $2,500 for new users. The Locker Room section provides insights and tips to inform betting decisions.

With a clean interface, sports bettors can quickly compare odds on desktop or mobile devices. BetUS even offers a “Last Minute Bets” section for those seeking swift action.

How To Bet On Tennis

There are many ways for how to bet on tennis. In many ways, these bet types overlap with other sports such as baseball and even, eSports. Let's spend a few moments going over the most popular options:


It doesn't get much easier than a moneyline bet. Here, you're simply betting on who will outright win the entire match. The keyword there is match, not individual sets as most pro games are best two-out-of-three series.

Say Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams are dueling off. Osaka's moneyline might be -150. The negative denotation for Osaka means she's the presumptive favorite. A $150 her direction would earn you a $100 payout exactly.

Therefore, Serena would be the underdog and could have +135 odds. The plus value is always designated for the non-favorite. A $100 stake on Williams would return a $135 payout if it hits.

Game Spread

Before a match, there will be a "spread" attached to each player. Think of this as a "handicap" that a player must stay within — a way to "even the odds" per se.

Let's use the same Osaka-Williams example from before. The favorite, Osaka, could have a tennis handicap betting of -2.5, while Serena will be +2.5 (the spread will always be exactly opposite of one another). In this wager, you're concerned with the final game difference between the two.

Say Osaka sweeps both sets by a score of 6-4 each. That means she won four more games than Williams did. Therefore, Osaka covered her -2.5 spread. To win the bet, Osaka had to beat Williams by at least three games.

On the contrary, Williams failed to cover +2.5. The two outcomes that would've covered her spread would've been to either beat Osaka straight up or lose by less than two games.

Set Spread

This is almost a carbon copy of betting on the game spread. But as the name implies, it's focused on sets, not total games.

Since tennis games are generally best-of-three sets, the spread will always be 1.5 both ways. The favorite would need to sweep both games to cover, while the underdog covers with a 2-1 loss or an outright victory.

Game Total

This wager will pre-set the total number of games contested between two players. As a bettor, you're simply picking whether the final count will be "over" or "under" that pre-existing figure.

We'll drive the point home with another example. The over/under between Osaka-Williams could be set to 22.5. If Osaka swept 6-4 both sets, then only 20 total games were played. That means the under hit.

Live Tennis Betting

Few sports are better to bet in real-time than tennis. Its back-and-forth pace makes it unrivaled in this regard. Thanks to live tennis betting, odds will refresh as the action unfolds — after every point essentially.

Each of the four wager types we just covered are available in pregame or as in-play tennis betting. We strongly suggest giving live wagering a go. Not only does it amp up the thrill level, it also gives you an opportunity to get a "feel" for the matchup before committing any money.

Tennis Betting Strategy

Before we let you go, we wanted to share a few pointers about creating a tennis betting strategy. We've learned this the hard way (losing our own money), so listen up:

Be Selective And Specialize

Unless you have limitless time (which you probably don't), it's going to be next to impossible to fully grasp every single tennis bet out there. There's just too much out there — too many players, leagues, competitions, etc.

You're better off specializing in an area or two. Say, for instance, you chose the ATP doubles circuit. It'll be much easier to master this niche than the sport at-large. Using this expertise, you'll be better equipped to make informed betting decisions related around doubles matches.

Be Hyper Aware Of Strengths And Weaknesses

Before you plop down any money, it's good to know the pros and cons of each player's game. And believe us, this exists for every single pro, even an all-timer like Rafael Nadal.

When comparing two players against each other, really dissect the matchup. Ultimately, you're trying to figure out who has the direct advantage over the other. Perhaps one benefits from being a strong server, while the other is only a so-so returner. This could create a mismatch.

Pay similar attention to playing surfaces. Games contested on clay, grass, or a hard surface are not created equal. You'll see most players be affected in different ways by the surface they're on.

Alright, that does it for us. We hope you found value in this tennis betting guide. If you're ready to take the next step and begin wagering, anyone of the sportsbooks below will serve you well. You'll find many of the same bookies we previously recommended, plus others that are offer tennis bets of the day.