It's been called the world's fastest game and hockey is certainly a fast-paced, action-filled sport. Don't blink, becasue you might just miss something important. A league born in Montreal in 1917, the NHL was originally comprised of four franchises, all based in Canada- two in Ontario and two in Quebec. All of the players in the league were of Canadian origin. Today, the NHL is a 31-team league and 24 of the franchises are situated in the United States. While still predominantly Canadian, players today come from all over the world, with more than 20 countries represented on NHL rosters.

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Like any form of sports wagering, knowledge is king. Get to know the NHL teams and style of hockey they play. There are teams that are offensive dynamos, able to score goals in bunches. [+]

Other clubs rely on playing tight defensively and keeping the final score low. The best teams are able to win in any fashion and for the most part, will control and dictate the pace at which the game is played. Always be aware of the calibre of a team's goaltending before making a wager. Like a great pitcher in baseball, hockey's elite goalies are capable of shutting down even the most potent of offensive juggernauts.

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What Are The NHL Standings Today

Anyone planning to wager on hockey needs to know the ins and outs of the NHL schedule. The prospective hockey bettor's day must begin with a top to bottom perusal of the NHL standings. [+]

The numbers listed here will speak to you. Trends will emerge, patterns will become apparent. Which teams are hot and which teams are not is readily evident from checking how they've done in their last five and last 10-game segments. Check to see which teams show a strong home-ice record and which teams tend to struggle to find success on the road. Check the goals for and goals against columns to recognize the teams that possess high-powered offense and the teams that play kitty bar the door defense. Track this information on a daily basis and you will be amazed how quickly logical betting patterns reveal themselves.


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The NHL has gone through many phases throughout its history, from explosive growth and expansion into the United States in the 1920s, to the so-called Original Six era from 1942-67, on to the many years of expansion starting in 1967 that saw the league grow to its current 31-team format.

The league reached today's 31-team maximum with the addition of the Las Vegas Golden Knights in 2017. In 2005, the NHL implemented a salary cap, and with cost certainty in terms of player stipends, parity rules the NHL.

That can make it more challenging to wager on games since there are no soft touches on the schedule but the positive impact is that the educated bettor will still find winning wagers and when they do, the payday will be much more lucrative.