What Are The NHL Standings Today

The NHL currently features an odd number of teams — 31. These teams are funneled into separate conferences, 16 in the East and 15 in the West. In 2021, the Seattle Kraken will join the league, heading out West and evening things up.

Within each conference, there are two divisions. The Eastern Conference is broken up into the Atlantic and Metropolitan, whereas the Western Conference is split into the Pacific and Central.

Unlike say, the NBA, division standing actually matters in the NHL. The top three teams of each division earn an automatic playoff berth. An additional two teams from each conference also earn postseason bids based on the best-remaining record and regardless of division (conceivably, a single division could send five teams to the playoffs).

You can track up-to-the-minute NHL standings in the table below. This is a great way to discover NHL betting trends. Additionally, we’ve added key team metrics such as goals for (GF) and goals against (GA), which are key when making over/under wagers.

Each team plays 82 regular-season games apiece. Knowing that, plus where a team currently sits in the standings, will tell you a lot about their mental state toward the end of the season. Are they in the thick of the playoff race and desperate for a win? Or are they eliminated altogether and have nothing to play for besides NHL draft positioning?

Western Conference
1Dallas Stars11382402129823464WOWLWW
2Winnipeg Jets11082462425919960WWWWWO
3Vancouver Canucks10982442327922356LWWLOW
4Colorado Avalanche10581412529925346LOLWLL
5Edmonton Oilers10481392629323261LWLLOW
6Nashville Predators9982383026924821LWWLOWO
7Vegas Golden Knights9881342826624125WWOWLL
8Los Angeles Kings9781372725121140LWWLW
9St. Louis Blues92823133239250-11LOWLWWO
10Minnesota Wild87823233251263-12LWWLL
11Seattle Kraken81822835217236-19WLLLL
12Calgary Flames79813139248270-22LWWLWO
13Arizona Coyotes77822841256274-18WLWOWOL
14Anaheim Ducks57812050200294-94LLWLOL
15Chicago Blackhawks51811753175285-110LLLLL
16San Jose Sharks47811453180326-146LLWLOL
Eastern Conference
1New York Rangers11482432328222953WWOLLW
2Carolina Hurricanes11182442327921663LWWWW
3Florida Panthers11082422426820068WWOWWLO
4Boston Bruins10982362026722443LLWLWO
5Toronto Maple Leafs10282332630326340LLLOLW
6Tampa Bay Lightning9882372929126823WLLLOW
7New York Islanders94822927246263-17WWLOWOW
8Washington Capitals91823231220257-37WWWLW
9Detroit Red Wings918227322782744WOWOWOLOL
10Pittsburgh Penguins888232322552514LWLWOLO
11Philadelphia Flyers87823033235261-26LWWLL
12Buffalo Sabres848233372462442WLOWLL
13New Jersey Devils81823339264283-19LLWLLO
14Ottawa Senators78822541255281-26WLWOWOL
15Montreal Canadiens76822036236289-53LOLOLOLOW
16Columbus Blue Jackets66822143237300-63WLLLL
1Florida Panthers11082422426820068WWOWWLO
2Boston Bruins10982362026722443LLWLWO
3Toronto Maple Leafs10282332630326340LLLOLW
4Tampa Bay Lightning9882372929126823WLLLOW
5Detroit Red Wings918227322782744WOWOWOLOL
6Buffalo Sabres848233372462442WLOWLL
7Ottawa Senators78822541255281-26WLWOWOL
8Montreal Canadiens76822036236289-53LOLOLOLOW
1Dallas Stars11382402129823464WOWLWW
2Winnipeg Jets11082462425919960WWWWWO
3Colorado Avalanche10581412529925346LOLWLL
4Nashville Predators9982383026924821LWWLOWO
5St. Louis Blues92823133239250-11LOWLWWO
6Minnesota Wild87823233251263-12LWWLL
7Arizona Coyotes77822841256274-18WLWOWOL
8Chicago Blackhawks51811753175285-110LLLLL
1Vancouver Canucks10982442327922356LWWLOW
2Edmonton Oilers10481392629323261LWLLOW
3Vegas Golden Knights9881342826624125WWOWLL
4Los Angeles Kings9781372725121140LWWLW
5Seattle Kraken81822835217236-19WLLLL
6Calgary Flames79813139248270-22LWWLWO
7Anaheim Ducks57812050200294-94LLWLOL
8San Jose Sharks47811453180326-146LLWLOL
1New York Rangers11482432328222953WWOLLW
2Carolina Hurricanes11182442327921663LWWWW
3New York Islanders94822927246263-17WWLOWOW
4Washington Capitals91823231220257-37WWWLW
5Pittsburgh Penguins888232322552514LWLWOLO
6Philadelphia Flyers87823033235261-26LWWLL
7New Jersey Devils81823339264283-19LLWLLO
8Columbus Blue Jackets66822143237300-63WLLLL
Last update on May 23, 2024 08:15 AM

NHL Betting Tips

Now on to the good stuff — NHL betting tips to win. The thing is, though, there's no "golden ticket" here. The game of hockey is incredibly complex and the NHL is wildly unpredictable. Consequently, there's no catch-all NHL betting advice that always works

What works for one better might not work for another, and vice-versa. Getting good at ice hockey betting really is a personal journey. Regardless, we do want to point you in the right direction in case you're new or stuck in the wilderness. Here are some sports betting NHL tips we've stockpiled over the years:

Be Wary Of The Unpredictable Playoffs

Video thumbnail

If this were the NFL or NBA, we'd probably saying something along the lines of, "don't fall in love with underdogs in the playoffs." In those two leagues, the favorites usually win out. The NHL Stanley Cup playoffs, though? All bets are off.

Among the four major American sports leagues, the NHL might have the most upset-filled playoffs of all. Just in the last few years, we've seen the following happen — an expansion team storm into the Finals, the St. Louis Blues win its first title in 52 years, a team that tied the regular-season record for wins not only lose in the first round but get swept! We could go on and on, but you get our drift.

If you're wagering on the NHL playoffs, take it one game at a time. Don't drop that huge sum of money on (insert team here) to win its series before a game is even played, little less win the entire Stanley Cup. Watch the first two games of its current series and get a feel for them. From there, scale in your bets.

All Eyes On The Goalie

While many will say a football quarterback is the most important position in all of sports, a hockey goaltender has a strong cause of his own. How a goalie guards that six-by-four-foot net usually decides which NHL team wins or loses a game.

Evaluating the respective goalies is a must before dropping any dough on a moneyline or puck line wager. But of course, predicting a goaltender's future performance is an inexact science. While difficult, it's not impossible to do nowadays.

The rise of advanced analytics in hockey has helped matters greatly. There are certain metrics in particular that apply to goaltending. Two that should be top of mind for any bettor are save percentage (SV%) and goals saved above average (GSAA). Use these figures, plus others, to best evaluate individual goalies before their next matchup.

Look For Betting Value

This tip applies to any and all forms of sports betting, but hockey betting has a special case. Since the league isn't nearly as popular as the NFL or MLB, NHL betting markets are less efficient. That is to say bookmakers are more likely to misplace value here and there on NHL lines.

This creates an opportunity for bettors to exploit those under or over-valued plays. And when you do find a value bet, it would be wise of you to up the ante money-wise.

Bettors sometimes fall in the trap of evaluating themselves based on their win-loss record. That certainly matters, but the return on investment is the end-all, be-all evaluator. You could lose three out of five bets, but the two you did win, you maximized your value and still turned a hefty profit. Finding value is a hockey betting system in itself.

While ways to bet on hockey games are plenty, those are some of the most important. Now it's on you to heed all the advice we just gave you and start collecting wins with NHL bets. If you're ready — which you should be — the sportsbook below can help you get started. Signing up takes minutes and once you fund your account (earning a sign-up bonus in the process), you'll be all set up.