If there was an award for “easiest-looking sport that’s actually incredibly difficult to play” then golf would win, hands down. Who knew clubbing a tiny white ball into a just-as-small hole could be this hard? That’s the sport’s charm, not only to play but to bet on, as well. Golf betting sites exist in the hundreds to capitalize on the sport’s worldwide popularity.

For bettors with an appetite for the sport, we’ve created this golf betting guide just for you. We’re going over all the must-know information — best sportsbooks, golf betting rules, and handy tips to win your wagers. As you’ll soon learn, just like it is to play, achieving success at golf betting requires skill.

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Golf Betting Online

The great thing about golf is its a year-round sport. The PGA Tour runs tournaments from October to August, with the only downtime being September. Similarly, the LPGA Tour packs the calendar between January and November. As a bettor, this creates ample opportunity to make money off golf betting online. However, that opportunity is squandered unless you have a reliable sportsbook to gamble regularly.

Here’s where we come in. Browse our site and you’ll find hundreds of bookie reviews. Given that, we’d like to think we know a thing or two about what makes a solid sportsbook. And when it comes to wagering on golf, these are the golf betting sites that should be atop your to-join list:

Can’t Beat The Selection At BetOnline

Every online sportsbook review starts and ends with the betting selection. After all, you want a bookie that carries all the smart golf bets, in turn, making it a one-stop-shop for golf bets.

BetOnline can definitely classify itself as that. The sportsbook menu on-site is among the deepest in the entire marketplace. Of course, that includes a bevy of lines for golf. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a pro golf event not carried at BetOnline.

During the four major championships — the Masters, PGA Championship, US Open, and the British Open — BetOnline really ups the ante, too. You can see that in its golf side bets selection, which adds another dimension to the betting experience.

Earn A Big Bonus At BookMaker

Another important factor when evaluating a sportsbook is its sign-up bonus. Almost every bookie offers one, but of course, some are better than others.

BookMaker is in the “better” category. New bettors to the site are eligible for a welcome bonus as much as $1600. That sum is one of the most lucrative offered across the marketplace.

Imagine starting off your golf betting journey with $1600 in free play? It would serve you well because believe us, golf wagering is more of a marathon than a sprint. And a deal like BookMaker’s is a great way to build the bankroll for the long golf year.

Loyalty Is Rewarded At BetDSI

If you’re committed to betting on golf over the long haul, a sportsbook with a loyalty program is a must. Think about it: why not get paid to bet? That’s a reality at BetDSI.

The bookie’s calling card is its BetPoints Rewards program. Whether you’re gambling on golf or any other sport, BetDSI will give you loyalty points every single time.

Of course, you can do plenty with these points. For one, you can exchange them for free play — no strings attached. Moreover, how much points you accumulate will slot you in one of three rewards tiers (Gold, Platinum, or Diamond), each of which comes with their own unique benefits. Think of these rewards as dividends off your investment into BetDSI.

Bovada Does It All

Think of Bovada as a jack-of-all-trades sportsbook. No matter what kind of bettor you are, there’s something for you at this bookie.

For one, its PGA golf bets selection is no small thing. Bovada offers the full gamut of betting options — outright winners, finish, head-to-head, and props (more on these wagering types shortly).

It also excels in the bonuses and rewards department. There are multiple promos that bettors, whether new or returnees, can take advantage of. Alas, there’s also a loyalty program, which they dub “GameTimeRewards.”

Between all four of these sportsbooks, golf bettors are in good hands. Beyond all the great features we just pointed out, these bookies are also completely trustworthy. Thousands of players rely on them on a daily basis so you know you’re money is safe and secure.

If you’re looking for more details about online golf betting sites or other suggestions, take a gander at the table below. You’ll find all the latest golf betting lines at these bookies.

How To Bet On Golf

Ways on how to bet on golf are plenty. Let's cover the main ones you'll come across whilst gambling:

Futures/Outright Winner

It doesn't get any more straight forward than this wager — picking a golf tournament's outright winner. Every single golfer participating in the event will have odds to win, which depending on the tourney, can mean 100 or so different betting lines.

While easy enough to understand, actually hitting on this bet is anything but due to the size of the playing field. Almost every golfer will have plus-money odds to win outright, including the favorites. Of course, the possible payout more than makes up for the risk.

Take the 2019 Masters for instance. Tiger Woods entered the major at +14000 odds to win. Of course, Woods did eventually claim the title and the green jacket in the process. A $100 bet on Woods beforehand would've paid out an eye-popping $14,000. High risk, high reward, folks.

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We get it, picking one winner out of the whole field is tough, well, how about picking who will place top-5? Or top-10? Or top-20? That's the primary concern of this wager.

Once again, every golfer in the tournament will have betting lines to finish within a certain leaderboard range. Most top-5 options will remain plus-money, but you'll start seeing negative lines for top-10 and top-20 finishes.

Head-To-Head Matchups

Bookies will also pit two individual golfers against each other and essentially create a moneyline wager between both. In this instance, bettors simply choose which golfer will finish the tournament in better standing.


These are bets on specific outcomes within a tournament, usually not directly related to who will outright win or place where. With that, they can really range from the minuscule (what color polo will Tiger wear) to the more common (will the tournament require a playoff). Props are a great way to "spice things up" whilst gambling on golf.

Golf Betting Systems

Ok, now that you know the essentials, here's what you've been waiting for — actual golf betting advice. While we do have some wisdom to pass on, we want to preface it by saying there's not a single golf betting system that always works. No, in fact, there's plenty.

However, what works for one bettor might not work for another and vice-versa. Figuring out your betting style is half the battle. We can't do this for you, but we can give you some general advice you should always keep top of mind:

Tiger vs. The Field

To this day, despite all his trials and tribulations, Tiger Woods is the biggest name in the sport. And he may never be eclipsed. Cause of that star power, bettors still flock to Woods hoping for the Tiger of old to return. This happens so often in PGA betting that "Tiger or the field" has become a commonly-uttered phrase within the sport.

But here lies the lesson — don't fall victim to the hype. Sportsbooks, knowing the sheer popularity of Woods or other budding stars, typically inflate their betting odds. In other words, you're losing out on value with these big names.

And at the end of the day, hype and past performance don't win present-day events. At all. When the public jumps on one player's "bandwagon" that usually means it's a good time to go against the grain and gamble on someone else.

You're much better off evaluating a player based on their recent outings and historical performance at a golf course. Has a player finished better at the course each of the past three years? That's a sign he or she is trending upwards. Using information like this does you far more good than hype.

Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Betting on golf tournaments is famously hard to predict. Players have bad days, the weather creates a stir, someone hits a miraculous hole-in-one, you get our drift.

To safeguard against this unpredictability, you need to "hedge your bets." In other words, spread your money around on different players — not just one or even two.

With a strategy like this, you're more or less banking on hitting on one of the picks. Sure, the rest might be losers, but that single victory more than makes up for the others. All it takes is one winner to earn big bucks at golf wagering.

Folks, that's a wrap on our golf how-to betting guide. We covered a lot of ground just now, but that doesn't mean anything unless you take direct action. So head over to one of the aforementioned sportsbooks and get started. Signing up takes a matter of minutes so you'll be ready to gamble on golf in no time!