Make no mistake about it, eSports are here to stay. The tell-tale signs are everywhere — corporate dollars being poured en masse into the industry, collegiate athletic programs handing out scholarships, and of course, a worldwide surge in betting interes. If you’re still on the fence about video-game wagering, let this article about eSports betting sites guide you in the right direction. 

We’ll clear up many of the misconceptions about eSports gambling, finding the best betting sites for eSports, and handy betting tips we’ve learned over the years. This “sport” remains an untapped opportunity by the majority of bettors, so heed our advice now and live to tell about striking gold first!

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Top eSports Betting Sites

When a global pandemic upended the world in 2020, sports gambling was too flipped upside down. Real-life games were halted and bettors were without anything to bet on — or so they thought. Enter esports into the equation. Suddenly, top eSports betting sites came out of the woodwork.

The very practice of eSports — playing video games in the convenience of your own home and away from others — became encouraged in a roundabout way due to country-wide lockdowns. Desperate for any kind of action, bettors flocked to now-fledging eSports, many for the first time ever. It’s created a momentum that eSports betting USA will enjoy for years to come.

Maybe you’re one of those new-found eSport betting player. Or perhaps, hearing all the fuss about it, you barely want in. Welp, we know it can be daunting to get started with e Sports betting if you’re unfamiliar with the virtual world it occupies. Don’t worry, though, it’s easy enough to pick up.

But first things first, you’ll need an online sportsbook to handle your eSports bets. Here are our most-recommended bookies when it comes to getting the most action: — An Unbeatable eSports Rebate Program

The mother of all sportsbooks for eSports is none other than Why? Because they’re one of the few bookmakers that offer a bonus strictly for video-game wagering.

At, they dish out a once-a-week eSports rebate. Here’s how it works: the site will pay back bettors 20 percent of any losses they accumulate on eSports during the whole week — so long as losses are over $250.

As always, there is some fine print. The bonus tops out at $200 (which would mean $1000 in weekly losses). Moreover, the rebate is paid back in the form of a casino bonus. The rollover rate on this bonus is a steep 50X.

Nonetheless, a deal like this is hard to come by in the gambling in eSports world. It’s especially great for first-time bettors of the “sport.” While you learn tricks of the trade — and rack up the inevitable losses that come with it — you can recoup money through the rebate program.

Bovada — One Of The Largest eSports Menus On The Planet

Markets are a huge draw of Bovada, ever since its founding in 2011. This applies to all sports and leagues in different corners of the world. Of course, eSports are an integral part of that selection.

Bovada carries betting for the premier video-game franchises — Dota 2, King of Glory, League of Legends, Overwatch, Starcraft, among others. Even within those games, you’ll find odds for a host of leagues pertaining to the title. It all creates for a go-to destination for eSports gambling.

Bovada really seals the deal with a user-friendly interface. Not only is it one of the slickest-looking platforms, but it’s also one of the easiest to use. Despite the litany of eSport wagers on-site, finding and placing a wager is easy enough.

MyBookie — A Hefty Bonus To Launch Your eSports Betting

Popular titles such as Counter-Strike 2, FIFA, and League of Legends can be found in MyBookie‘s sportsbook. However, that’s not MyBookie’s biggest selling point for being on this list.

No, the site’s biggest perk for eSports bettors is its lucrative sign-up bonus. Get this, first-time players of MyBookie are eligible for a bonus as high as $1000. MyBookie will match first deposits into its platform by 50 percent (so you’ll need to insert at least $2000 to max out the award).

The bonus money can be used strictly in the sportsbook, which covers eSports. Imagine starting your eSports betting journey with a completely-free $1000? That’s the allure of MyBookie and it’s a great way to get your feet wet with eSports on someone else’s dime.

GTBets — Rewards Program Is Tough To Beat

League of Legends absolutely dominates the eSport selection at GTBets. While other video game franchises are also part of the menu (Overwatch league betting as an example), its selection is trumped by LoL.

But here’s the real kicker about GTBets: it’s GameTimeRewards program. Its a loyalty program that kicks back rewards for consistent betting, whether on eSports or anything else inside the platform. Rewards include cashback, sweepstakes, merchandise, and more.

If you’re serious about betting on eSports over the long term, a rewards program like GTBets adds a lot of extra value. 

That rounds out our list of best sites for eSports betting. As video games continue to rise in popularity, expect more eSports gambling sites to enter the marketplace.  

eSports Betting

For some odd reason, critics like to chastise eSport betting with insults like "why would you ever watch people play a game?" — which unbeknownst to them, is a taunt you can hurl at any sport. Whether it's baseball or Call of Duty, they're all just games at the end of the day — the only difference being one uses a bat and the other a hand controller.

The parallels between eSports and "regular" sports don't end there. The bet method between the two are mirrors of each other, too. 


The simplest eSports bet in the book — which individual or team will win outright. Most eSports are played in best-of-three or best-of-five format, so typically, this bet is reserved for the winner of the full series, not individual rounds. 

A moneyline listed with a minus (-) value is the presumptive favorite. You'll need to bet the odd amount in full to win $100 (e.g. a -135 moneyline pays out the c-net on a $135 stake). On the flip side, the positive (+) value is reserved for the underdog. A single $100 bet here pays out the full odd amount on wins (e.g. bet $100 on +115 to win $115). 


This is essentially a wager on how much a player/team will win by. Spreads are almost always set at 1.5 — which makes perfect sense if games are best-out-of-three.

That's because a series will either end in a clean sweep (2-0) or 2-1. If it's a sweep, the favorite covered the -1.5 spread. But a 2-1 split means the underdog covered +1.5. 


This bet is concerned with how many total games the series will go to — no matter who wins or loses. If it's a three-game series, the total is always set to 2.5 games. For a five-game series, the number is typically 3.5 (though, sometimes 4.5 if it's expected to be close). 

Let's use the 2.5 total as an example. In this scenario, a better simply chooses whether the best-of-three will go "over" or "under" 2.5 games. If the game goes the full three rounds, it's an over, but a two-game sweep means the under hit.

eSports Betting Tips

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This is a tough topic to cover, mostly because eSports is a broad subject in itself. After all, eSports is just the umbrella topic and there are so many different video game genres within it — first-person shooter, MOBA, sports, etc. 

It's like someone asking you for "advice on sports betting." Inevitably, the first question out of your mouth will be "well, which one?" Akin to how basketball-specific betting advice differs greatly from hockey, the same dichotomy exists when you bet on eSports.

Therefore, here's overarching advice that can apply to any and all video games:

Know The Game In And Out 

You would think this goes without saying, but we're taken aback by the number of players that throw money at games they don't completely understand.

Look, no two video games are alike. If you want to achieve long-term betting success, you need to completely "own" one game or two. By own, we mean to know every nook and cranny about it — the maps, strategies, pros and cons of certain weapons, etc. 

Expertise makes all the difference between betting winners and losers. Perhaps a team likes to sit back and prey on enemies with sniper rifles. That's fine and dandy, except if they're playing in a closer-quarters map where the action is more imminent. Suddenly, their strength is negated by the map. You would only realize details like this if you truly understood the game you're gambling on. 

Be Selective About Your Bets

Your best chance at making money while you eSports gamble is to find a few bets you absolutely love, then completely load up on it. This contrasts with the "put money on everything" strategy that some bettors fall victim to. 

When you're picky about your positions, you're prioritizing quality over quantity. In other words, you're gambling with a purpose. 

Sure, you might win fewer overall bets, but when you do win, the payout will be more lucrative (assuming you upped the ante based on increased confidence in the wager). We'd rather one bet for $500 than six out of ten wagers for a meager $100.  

Welp, that wraps up our eSports betting report. If you're ready to plunge into the virtual world of eSports, scope out one of the sportsbooks below. Each of them has eSport lines readily available at great prices, too.